Melissa Paulo is an actress, a model, and one super soulful being. She recently launched her YouTube series, “Tea Talks”, in which she shares her candid thoughts on a range of spiritual and personal growth-oriented topics from patience to creativity to the importance of letting go. Here, she shares a little bit about the habits, tools, and practices she uses to stay happy, healthy, and true to herself.


I have a flexible ability to sleep when I need to and wake when I need to. Naturally, I usually fall asleep around midnight and wake up around 6 am, but just lay there if the morning doesn't call for my attention.


I am conscious about products being organic but for the most part I eat what I crave. Which varies from healthy to not so healthy. I don't believe in not eating something if I really want it and I believe that my body needs what it craves, whether that’s a salad or a big fat burger. Breakfast: What I have for breakfast depends on how hungry I am. I am a big tea drinker so I always start with a cup of green tea in the morning and decide from there. Lunch: Unless I meet a friend out for lunch, it’s probably my most looked over meal. Snacks: If I’m hungry during the day I’m a pretty big snacker. Apples are my favorite; I always have one in my purse. Dinner: At home, I love to make good hearty dinners and eat the left overs for a few days. This week I made a big pot of red beans and rice, and it was great to eat during this rainy week. I love going out to dinners and trying new places, too—sushi, seafood, Latin, Italian, American, Asian. I can’t say no to a good dinner out. Drink: A lot of water and a lot of green tea! Splurge: I like to try everything and when I go out to eat I love to order lots of things and share with everyone at the table.  If something is on the menu with truffle, I’m getting it and I have a weakness for pork belly. I love. love, love food. To me, every penny is worth it when you are dining. Supplements: None.


I go to an all women’s gym, which is incredibly inspiring, typically 3-5 times a week for a few hours. I go when I can, which is usually morning or midday. I work out as hard as I need to that day. It’s a huge energy outlet for me. I like to work out alone, but I also find group classes to be very motivating. It’s very supportive to work out in a room with women that are at all different levels, all there for the same reason, to be healthy. It’s nice to get and give that nod to keep going when you feel like falling over.


I value the people in my life that I just vibe with. I value relationships that are constant, consistent, have withstood the test of time. There are those people that you just KNOW are meant to be in your life. The formula to good relationships is cultivating a healthy one with yourself. That’s how you attract the right people. I love friendships that are unconditional and supportive and friends who see the best in you even when you don't and visa versa. 


I want people to walk into my home and feel comfortable. Someone recently said my home is very zen, and I like that. Candles, incense, minimal décor, and lots of natural light. I also keep lots of pillows of my bed and couch. To me, pillows are comforting. 

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

My stress relievers are baths, massages, and candles, and alone time is an important part of staying grounded for me. I always say, if we are who we hang out with the most, we should spend more time with ourselves.

The most important thing about my bad moods is to face them. To honor what I feel, forgive myself for what I feel, and to feel it. Sometimes it’s healthy to be in a bad mood, to express every part of our emotionality. If I'm in a really bad mood, I like to keep my body moving. A run, an interpretive dance in the middle of my living room to some aggressive deep house music. I’m a physical person, so if I’m in a bad mood I have to release the energy. That, and talk about it! It’s important to say what’s on your mind. If that doesn't work, I’ll take a nap. Sleep usually brings lots of clarity.


I meditate (almost) daily. I read (almost) daily. I breathe, I laugh. Being present lights me up. Basking in the sun and dancing in the rain, which I did today, replenishes me. Being with people I love brings me joy. I am happiest when I am connected and creating.

Just being alive and being grateful for this crazy human experience gives me a sense of purpose. I’m here, you're here, we are all here! On a spinning ball in the middle of infinite space! That’s purpose enough. It’s important to practice mindfulness and to be aware of the energy you emit. To (try your best to) come from love. To listen to your SOUL, your soul always knows. 

I’m excited that I just posted my first “Tea Talk” on YouTube. An idea a friend of mine and I have had for a little while now. They will be (hopefully) videos where I will gab on what little I know about any given topic over a cup of tea. This week it is “Patience”.