Mara Glatzel is an intuitive guide, an energy healer, and a beautifully bold creative that empowers women to live their most authentic, joyful lives through one-on-one guidance as well as online workshops and classes. Here, she shares a little bit about the moments that bring her the most joy and the daily practices that she's created to nurture her body, mind, and spirit.


I generally sleep from midnight until 8 or 9 am. I have to be super careful or else I find myself staying up until all hours of the night, so it is a constant quest of mine to get into bed a little earlier than I might particularly want to.

In the morning, I always drink 32 ounces of water before coffee. I also make sure to eat breakfast before diving into my work day.

At night, I have a ritual of washing my face and brushing/flossing my teeth. I try to make this ordinary ritual as sacred as possible, using it to connect with myself before heading to bed.


I have a lot of food allergies, so I feel best if I’m avoiding eating too much sugar or gluten. I generally tend to love warm, flavorful food eaten out of bowls at regular intervals throughout the day. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs. Every damn day. I love them! Sometimes with the delicious addition of avocado toast. Lunch: These days I tend to eat granola and greek yogurt for lunch with fruit. Or a stir fry. Or both. Often both. Snacks: Since becoming pregnant, I have become super particular about my snacks. Right now I am obsessed with pineapple but I have also been known to love Amy’s frozen burritos, chocolate chip cookies, and apples with almond butter. Dinner: If I had my way, I would eat pizza for dinner just about every single day, but my partner is not a fan. So…we often eat some combination of protein, vegetables, and starch. I love warm grounding foods like mashed potatoes or roasted sweet potatoes. She loves good protein like steak or roasted chicken. We usually accompany it with some sort of green salad or sauteed vegetable. Drink: I drink mostly water now that I am not drinking coffee all day, but I definitely miss the coffee. I also am a big fan of grapefruit seltzer. Splurge: Eating at my favorite restaurants. I love going out for meals and particularly adore delicious brunches. Supplements: I currently take a prenatal vitamin, omega3s, Vitamin C, and an assortment of flower essences daily.


I aim to get out and walk around my neighborhood each day. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I just have a little dance party in my kitchen. I definitely prefer gentle exercise and don’t have a rigid routine about when I move my body. The only “rule” around here is that it has to feel good and be enjoyable. I do adore Zumba classes. There is a great teacher out here on the cape named Julie Rich. Her classes are always really fun.


Quality time and long conversations. I live for the moment when someone puts their phone down and looks you right in the eye when you’re talking about something that is important to you. I also can’t get enough of seeing my loved ones in their zone of genius, that moment when they are totally lit up by whatever it is that they are doing or talking about. Those moments are really special and it is easy to connect on a deeper level.


Working for myself, I spend a lot of time in my home and work to keep it as cozy and comfortable as possible which includes taking time to clean my space, keeping it warm, and making sure that I have everything that I need nearby. I am a person who naturally collects clutter but feels better with open, clean spaces, so I work with myself to set time aside to tend to my piles when I notice them taking over.

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

Phone a friend. (Or a sister.) My favorite way to find my way back to myself is to go for a walk and talk to someone I love on the phone as a way to hash it out and get back to living. I find that taking a quick shower is often really useful for lifting my mood, but also carve out space for raucous dance parties, slow meal preparation, and resting when I’m stuck or in a funk.


I am my happiest in my cozy home with my sweetheart resting or setting off on little adventures around Cape Cod. These moments of connection without the glow of technology out in the sunshine or cuddled up on the couch make me feel nourished and restored. I also love to slowly prepare a meal while listening to a book on tape or working on something creative for my business. Quiet moments.  

I pray more days than not, in my home or out in nature. I set intentions that I work with each day, pointing my compass in the direction of my deep yearnings. I find that I feel the most purposeful when I am intentional about my time, using it in a way that makes me feel good whether that is work or play.

Right now I am the most excited about being pregnant and the journey towards motherhood that is stretching out before me. It is calling me to pay closer attention to how I am living my life in the most beautiful ways, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me when our daughter arrives this summer.