There are times in life when we’re forced to move beyond our comfort zones and this past Thursday was one of those days for me. Despite a number of friends encouraging me to incorporate videos as part of the content I share on the HelloAshleyBerry Blog and my social media channels, I’ve shied away from the vulnerability of putting my face and voice and energy out into the ethers via videos.

As I writer, I’m 100% comfortable pouring my heart and soul out onto a page because I have the safety net of time and space to edit and craft my thoughts into the exact message I wish to share. But video. Oh, now that is a whole different story. Just thinking about being on camera gives me flashbacks of an improv class I took years ago on a whim. All I could think through the entire class was, “Why can’t we just have scripts?” I would have been fine memorizing something, but the pressure of needing to respond on the spot sent my stomach into knots and time and time again I would freeze like a deer in the headlights of a quickly approaching 18-wheeler.

I had been more than happy to stay in my cozy little comfort zone of edited blog posts and still images on Instagram, and then, as is often the case in life, something, or someone I should say, came along and hoisted me right up out of that safe little nook. I had come across Frank Jay’s Instagram feed a handful of weeks ago and felt instantly connected to his positive and empowering message. I was already in the process of developing The Live Well Series and felt certain that he would have a unique and interesting perspective on wellness, so I decided to reach out to him to ask if he’d like to participate. When he wrote back suggesting that we do a live interview via Skype instead, my immediate reaction was a giant NO! But then, a little voice inside of me piped up and said, “It’s time.” And I knew the voice was right.

It was time for me to confront a fear that had been holding me back from fully sharing my own light with the world, and who better to do that with than a life coach and motivational speaker who spends his days helping people break through their own blocks and step into their power? So, despite all my still very real apprehension, I said YES. And I’m so glad I did. Not only did I take the first big step towards overcoming a block of my own, I got to do so while connecting with another light-filled soul, and for me, that’s a major win-win!

During our chat, Frank Jay and I discussed some really exciting projects he’s currently working on, a few of his favorite wellness rituals, and his big, bold intention for the year ahead. Over the course of our conversation, it became absolutely clear to me why people from all over the world feel called to do such deep and personal work with Frank Jay; even through the screen and across a couple thousand miles, he has an absolutely vibrant presence and it’s easy to see how his enthusiasm for authentic connection and an empowered approach to life inspires others to start their own journeys of personal transformation. To learn more about Frank Jay, the very special work that he’s bringing into the world, and his thoughts on wellness, check out our chat in the video below!

Oh, and please excuse the minor technical difficulties at the beginning of the video including a frozen screen and an errant window covering Frank Jay’s face for the first minute of the recording. This was my first time to do a video recorded Skype chat, and after all, making mistakes is all part of the process of learning and growth, right?

Be sure to check out Frank Jay's upcoming International Tribe Design retreat in Byron Bay, Australia--it's going to be a powerfully transformative experience that you won't want to miss!