If you caught my interview with Christian Mauerer, founder and Chief Love Officer of Loverope, then you know that the bracelets he creates and sends all over the world are so much more than just snazzy accessories. They’re powerful reminders of personal intentions that have been handmade with some serious heart and soul. What I love about Loverope bracelets is that you can pick the message that is most meaningful to you as well as the color of the strap and create a truly unique piece of wearable inspiration to keep you connected to your deepest values every day. Mine, of course, has a dreamy seafoam green strap and says "MIND BODY SPIRIT" as a reminder that each of these elements of my being need care and attention in order to achieve a truly vibrant state of wellness. 

If you’d love to have a Loverope bracelet for yourself or to share with someone else this holiday season, then you’re in luck! Christian and I have teamed up to do Loverope Instagram Giveaway for the last week of November! This giveaway is geared to get you into the spirit of the season of thanks and it’s super easy to participate! Here are the rules…

>>> Loverope Instagram Giveaway <<<

1.    Follow @loverope.bracelet and @helloashleyberry on Instagram

2.    Between November 23rd-30th, share a post on Instagram that shows what you’re grateful for. It could be a photo, an instaquote, a picture of a collage/vision board/art you have made…get creative!

3.    Tag @loverope.bracelet @helloashleyberry and #loveropegratitude on the post!

On December 3rd, I will review all of the posts and 1 lucky winner will receive a personalized Loverope made just for them by Christian!

Once the winner is chosen, I'll contact the him/her to get his/her preferences for strap color and quote of choice. Oh, and if you can’t decide what message you would want to wear or simply love to be surprised, we’ve got you covered! Christian can pick a special message that he would like to share with you and engrave it on your bracelet.

Looking for a little extra inspiration for your post? Check out @helloashleyberry on Instagram! I’ve been posting 5 things that I’m grateful for every day during the month of November with the hashtag #dailygratitude30 and can’t wait to see your beautiful and creative gratitude posts as we end the month in the full spirit of the season of thanks!