When Christian Mauerer asked me to be a brand ambassador for Loverope, I didn’t have to think twice about it. Not only do his bracelets have a beautifully simple aesthetic, they are handmade, unique, and created with love and for love. In fact, Christian has made it his mission in life to spread messages of positivity, inspiration, and love all across the globe and that’s why I’m so excited to support him and his beautiful movement! Check out the interview below to see how he maintains balance and wellness in his busy life, what he’s learned from creating a love revolution from scratch, and what love means to him! Oh, and Christian and I will be teaming up at the end of the month to do and awesome giveaway, so be sure to stay tuned because the giveaway details will be coming soon!

You recently spent 1.5 months traveling in Bali! What prompted that incredible adventure?

I just felt such a strong pull towards Bali, the Island of the Gods. So many people I admired went there and I had to find out what inspiration and people were waiting there for me and my path. It’s been amazing so far, in fact it’s been so amazing and enticing that I decided to produce Loverope locally in Bali while I was there - so I got in touch with local artisans who could help me realize that vision. Right now we’re creating our new prototype for Loverope in Bali - I’m sooo excited :)

You founded this beautiful movement that spreads the message of love through handmade bracelets called Loveropes. Can you tell me about a few people in your life who have really shown you the meaning of love?

My parents. It’s crazy how much they do for their kids. How much they sacrifice and how much they love. Love is such a strong power that pushes us all forward and I am infinitely grateful to experience that in such a way.

Another person would be my best friend who is just always there when I need someone to listen and someone to catch you when you’re “falling”. It sounds like very bland answers, but they are true, the people that are closest in our life have the biggest impact.

I want to express my gratitude towards all of you, because you inspired me to be who I am today - thank you!

I am just starting out my journey as a health coach and wellness advocate and I believe that creating and practicing self-care rituals is a really important way that we send loving energy to ourselves. What kinds of practices or rituals do you have in your daily life that promote your wellbeing and a strong sense of self love?

Rituals. What a beautiful word that is, isn’t it?

I usually get up at 7am in the morning, have an apple ginger shot, do my workout, give 5min of gratitude and get myself started in my day. In the afternoon I go for a walk and meditate. That keeps me pretty grounded. Plus, of course, I only put in great things in your body. A good rule of thumb is: Don’t eat anything that’s wrapped in plastic.

Creating a socially-minded businesses like Loverope gives you the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world around one of the most universal human experiences: Love. What have you learned through the process of creating this movement and connecting with others who share your vision of a happier, more love-filled world?

Simple. That we are all Love.

In a process of creating a social enterprise, you of course have times where you argue or are not really sure how to respond in certain situations - just like in life.

What always helps me to come back to my essence is asking:  What would Love do?

The answer is always a beautiful revelation of the truth. Only good things can come from a space of Love and I’ve experienced so often that only good things come back at you. 

Loveropes are intended to be a reminder to the people wearing them of messages that are personalized and carry a special meaning or significance. What message do you find that you have needed to be reminded of lately?

At the moment it is really about my health. I spent 6 weeks backpacking and wasn’t able to get the nutrition I’d wish for all the time so right now I’d take “Honor Your Body”.

However I always carry: “Love Is Louder” with me, these three words hold so much truth for me.

You seem to be someone who believes in the power of manifestation and actively creating the life that you wish to have. What are some of the things that you would like to manifest in the year ahead?

I do. Because I can. So can you. Go out and create the life you love because you are worthy of all you dream of. It sounds so hokey-pokey but if you patiently take on your dream step-by-step it will materialize itself.

What I want for Loverope is to make it a global brand that fills everyone with Love that comes in contact with it.

I have big plans for 2016 - I will produce Loverope locally in Bali & create a crowdfunding campaign to share the Love(rope) with the world.

Thanks so much for reading, I know you could have read a bazillion other blogs but you decided to read that one and there’s a reason for that – I hope you felt the love that went into writing these letters & keep up your Love!


Do you have a meaningful message that you want to carry with you or share with someone else? If so, contact Christian and he’ll a beautiful, personalized Loverope just for you!

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