Monday 2/4 - Salmon Reversed -  It’s time to reconnect with your sense of home, physically, but more importantly on a spiritual level. Who are you at your core and if you’ve strayed from that recently, what do you need to do to be fully embodied in you truth? If you’ve been working towards a goal but feel like you keep getting met with resistance, it might be time to consider whether this pursuit is being driven by your heart or your ego. If it’s the latter, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment when the results don’t weigh out against all the effort you’ve put in. If your heart is in it however, keep chugging along, pace yourself, and trust that you will always end up exactly where you are meant to be.

Tuesday 2/5 - Armadillo Reversed - Boundaries came up last week and it seems like the lessons around that very important piece of self care and relational life are still at play. Direct a little extra attention today to the interactions or even personal habits that leave you feeling hurt, angry, or resentful, not to ruminate, but to gather information about what does and doesn’t feel good for your mind, body, and spirit. And then practice speaking up and expressing clearly what you will and won’t accept from others (and maybe even from yourself).

Wednesday 2/6 - Owl Reversed - You may not be getting the full picture today so be sure to trust your intuition if you feel like something is off or perhaps not as it seems. Instead of relying solely on what you see or hear, tap into your more subtle senses—the feeling in your gut or chest, the tingling sensation that runs across your skin, the voice that seems to come from thin air offering a message that may not necessarily make logical sense in the moment but resonates throughout your body as truth. And this applies to knowledge about yourself as well. If you feel guided to pursue a certain path of self-discovery or healing, by all means answer that call.

Thursday 2/7 - Crow Reversed - Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances where everyone around us seems to be ready to hop on a bandwagon that doesn’t appear to be very steady and in those moments it is up to us to tune into our own internal guidance system to determine what course of action we will choose. Today is one of those days. What is “legal” or socially acceptable isn’t always the same as what’s right and when you really connect with the wisdom of your heart, you will know the difference. Choose to do the right thing today, no matter who’s watching or what they think. When your head hits your pillow at night, you’re the only person you have to answer to.

Friday 2/8 - Bat - Growth, evolution, and change are constants, if we’re actually living that is. And resisting this truth is at the heart of so much suffering. Embrace any transitions that seem to be sweeping through your life, internal or external. Trust that, even if the road gets a little bit bumpy, you’re headed towards a wondrous future and an even truer, more empowered version of yourself..because you are.

Saturday 2/9 - Wild Boar Reversed - Most of us do our best to avoid confrontation, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, that’s exactly where you find yourself. And truthfully, it can be exactly what’s called for in certain moments. Make the best out of a challenging situation today by staying calm and grounded and you might even find that any disagreements that take place end up being quite productive. If necessary, vent out any intense emotional charge onto paper or to a friend (with their consent, of course) before you hash it out with the party or parties in question, that way your arguments stay centered in reason and are much more likely to be considered.

Sunday 2/10 - Prairie Dog Reversed - If there ever was a perfect day to carve out some intentional time to rest and recharge, today is the day. Even if it’s only a matter of minutes, be sure to create a little space for yourself to take a deep exhale, particularly if you’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately. You are only human after all and you’ll find that a little restorative time can be a powerful investment in your ability to stay energized and focused for the long haul. If you can dig into some truly nourishing or indulgent self care today, all the better. Either way, taking some quiet time away from the hustle today will see you starting the week ahead feeling bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

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