Monday 1/28 - Squirrel - You might be tempted to start the week off at full speed, but pace yourself. You may have some unexpected circumstances crop up this week that require a little more energy than expected so make sure that you’re keeping your reserves filled up and that you don’t burn yourself out before your week is really even underway. You may also want to do a little extra organization and prep work for any bigger projects that you’re planning on completing this week. If you already have all of your ducks lined up nicely, you won’t have any problem knocking everything out, task by task, even if you get derailed by snafus, a low energy day, or something urgent that comes up.

Tuesday 1/29 - Dog - Loyalty is a powerfully attractive quality and one that inspires trust among connections, old and new. It looks like standing up for people you care about, investing energy back into those that have invested in you, and being a dependable source of support for your people. Whether you’re feeling incredibly abundant in the area of relationships or you’re finding that it might be time to bring some new faces into the mix, take a personal inventory of ways that you can show up as a more loyal friend, family member, or partner and then take action. You might just find that the tiniest gestures of kindness and support end up coming back to you in big ways down the line, so be generous in spirit and make sure that you’re taking care of the ones who’ve had your back through thick and thin.

Wednesday 1/30 - Porcupine - If you’re feeling bogged down with a case of the hump days it might be time to infuse a little more playfulness into your approach today. It really all comes down to perspective. You can see that extra stack of work that just landed on your desk as tedious and burdensome, or you can decide to make a game out of it. Race your co-worker at the neighboring desk or set up a reward system for yourself to boost your morale and keep yourself motivated. If you can pop in some headphones and listen to music while you work, all the better! Just remember, you are the architect of your own experience and you get to decide what energy you carry into each and every situation. Why not make it a joyful one? If only to bring a smile to your own face.

Thursday 1/31 - Weasel Reversed - Shining brightly is one of the most powerful ways to call in the opportunities and people that are meant for you, but sometimes light attracts moths, too. Keep an eye out today for anyone who might be trying to infiltrate your energetic space. Sometimes people aren’t even aware that their behaviors are being driven by manipulative or lack-based tendencies, so no need to confront anyone or be unkind. Simply maintain an awareness and keep a safe distance, at least emotionally/energetically if not physically as well, from anyone that you can feel pulling for your time, resources, or attention in a way that leaves you feeling drained or frazzled. If you don’t feed them, they’ll be much more likely to move along and leave you alone.

Friday 2/1 - Alligator Reversed - Life can move so quickly sometimes that before we know it, time has completely escaped us and it’s hard to even remember where we’ve been. Make a point of taking time to pause today, reflect on your journey in recent weeks and months, take stock of any lessons you’ve gleaned, and don’t forget to celebrate your successes and accomplishments, no matter how small. This will not only help you to avoid making the same mistakes twice (or three or four times), but will also help you ground down into the present, which holds so much beauty. Insead of grasping constantly for the next thing or achievement, allow yourself to really acknowledge how much progress you’ve made, so that when you resume your journey, you have a stronger sense of orientation, direction, and ease.

Saturday 2/2 - Armadillo - Repeat after me: Boundaries are my friends. Make that your mantra today (and every day really). Many people confuse boundary-setting with being rigid or blocking connection with others but nothing could be further from the truth actually. Boundaries are all about knowing yourself, what you will and will not accept from others, expressing that clearly through your words and actions, and being willing to walk away from any dynamics that don’t allow you to honor your needs and personal sovereignty. When done compassionately, setting boundaries actually paves the way for deeper and more authentic connection, certainly to yourself, but with others as well because it creates a sense of safety and freedom within intimacy. So get clear about what you’re willing to let into your space and what you’re not, and promise yourself you’ll let anyone go who can’t respect your boundaries, with love, of course.

Sunday 2/3 - Opossum - Sometimes people come into our sphere that can’t be reasoned with at all and in those cases it’s best just to “play dead”, so to speak. If you find that someone keeps trying to engage you in conflict or is bound and determined to knock you down a rung, do your best to simply avoid this person today. The bee that’s buzzing around in their bonnet  most likely has nothing to do with you anyway so give that person a wide berth and if contact is unavoidable, remain neutral. You don’t have to pretend to agree with the other person, but simply letting them know they have been heard, that you’ll take their perspective into consideration, and then leaving it at that will go a long way towards keeping you from getting roped into drama that won’t add anything positive to your life. Save yourself the headache and steer clear so that you can close out your weekend on a happy note.

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