It's no secret that I tend to white-knuckle it a bit through the winter. Even here in Los Angeles, the dip in temperatures and shorter days really do a number on me and I've had to develop a whole toolbox of practices that support my energy levels and immune system. Even when I'm making a point of getting regular doses of sunlight on my skin, taking extra steamy baths, and getting as many antioxidants into my diet as I can, I still look to Spring as the light at the end of a chilly multi-month tunnel. That's why I absolutely love to celebrate the Spring Equinox and I'm particularly pumped to get to do just that today with a beautiful group of high vibe women at the Grand Opening of WMN Space in my neighborhood! I'm also very excited to offer a 1-DAY FLASH SALE on all of my coaching packages!

Until noon tomorrow:

  •  Single Coaching Sessions are $95/hr (usu. $130)
  • 3 Month "Heal" Programs are $510 (usu. $600) 
  • 6 Month "Thrive" Programs are $900 (usu. $1170) 

Email me by 12p on Monday, March 20th to get your coaching package at these special rates and dig into powerful transformation as we move into the season of renewal, fresh starts, and vibrancy.