Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer, speaker, hiker and new Mama. She’s the Founder of Goals on the Rocks as well as the Co-Founder of the yoga + coaching movement, Rock Your Bliss, and she believes living your goals is like hiking a mountain, one foot in front of the other and a winding, rocky, beautiful trek to get there. Bring water. Read on to find out how she lives her values and rocks her wellness goals on the daily! 


My day begins when my sweet daughter wakes up for a morning snack usually around 5:47am. A morning feed and a sweet snuggle, we get up from bed around 7:30am. She continues to sleep while I rock my morning ritual of teeth brushing, face washing, email check and insta scroll. I eat breakfast and start the day. Day to day is different, each day filled with client calls, in-person meetings over a delicious cup of coffee, group sessions, and an early evening run. I am beyond grateful (and pretty smart) to have married a man that loves to cook delicious and healthy foods; we eat around 7ish, read Dr. Suess to the little one, and get her to sleep, and my bedtime with a grown up book is usually around 10:30pm.


My family is a hungry one and members of the clean plate club. We are a three-meals-a day-with-snacks-on-snacks family. Our diet adheres to that of a 60% paleo style, a lot of meat and veggies in our household. Our local Farmer’s Market has a pretty mean fresh sourdough bread stand, so we really go for it with the other 40%. Staples are peanut butter, broccoli and cauliflower, eggs, and coffee. I avoid mayonnaise, just not a fan. Breakfast: I will say breakfast is my favorite meal. Starts with 1 (large) mug of Butter Coffee (with my husband’s recipe of: 1 espresso shot Americano blended with coconut oil, heavy whipping cream and cacao butter). Then I indulge in an assortment of eggs + bacon, steel cut oats with fruit, Noosa greek yogurt and avocado toast. Lunch: Honestly, lunch is usually leftovers from the evening before. Or anything that can be rolled into a corn tortilla. Snacks: Honeycrisp apple sliced with peanut butter, Perfect Bar, Philosophie Green Dream shake, handful of almonds, or cashew clusters. Dinner: It is Summer, so most of our meals come hot off the grill. Venison burgers and sweet potato fries. Brats with a side of roasted veggies in the cast iron skillet. Grilled chicken with BBQ and cilantro lime rice. Drink: Soda water with a squeeze of fresh lemon (love our sodastream!). Cold, crisp beer. A lager or pilsner of sorts from a local Colorado brewery. Moscow Mule in a copper mug. Pinot Noir or Cabernet. Splurge: Sweet Cow Ice Cream Shoppe and dark chocolate anything. Supplements: Rainbow Light Pre-Natal One Vitamins, local bee pollen, and DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil with local honey.


I love to sweat! I am currently exploring my postpartum body and seeing what feels good to me. I have signed up for the Blue Mountain ½ Marathon in Santa Rosa, FL in October, training runs have begun. My crosstraining includes alignment based vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. I also dabble in the Lagree Method on the reformer machine, Crossfit-inspired workouts in a local community gym, and hiking mountains.

I’m not the nicest morning person, so afternoon and evening workouts are best for me (and anyone I come in contact with).

These workouts suit me best as I believe after having a child, I am wanting a softer mentality to my body and yet a rigorous enough practice to kick my ass a bit. The group classes always push me harder as I am a wee bit competitive (Pilates, Crossfit…even yoga…) and the solo practices allow me to quiet my mind (running, yoga).

Studios and instructors I love include: Torrey Newman at Fierce45; Chris Hynes and Caleb Sommer of Project Rise Fitness; Christen Bakken, Katy Rowe, and Christa Schwind at The River, and Alex Ammons at Kindness Yoga.

My favorite run spots right now are Wash Park and Harvard Gulch Park!


I value most in my relationships the ability to have deep and meaningful conversations, open and honest about where we are currently and where want to go in our goals, and support in the form of encouragement, gratitude and love. And fun, I totally value fun!

A healthy relationship is one that is steeped in communication, both the listening and the speaking, the giving and the receiving. The good talk and the get real, bold talk.


My vibe is comfort and a ‘home-y’ vibe, a place that feels lived and loved in. I like fresh smells in the Spring/Summer like lemongrass and peppermint. For the Fall/Winter months I prefer the warm vibes and ridiculousness that is pumpkin candles and fresh pine cone scents. There are blankets everywhere, most handmade from my Mother-In-Law and dear friends. A place you want to slumber party is totally my vibe.  

To outlet stress and ground myself I sweat. Running for releasing stress and yoga to ground and reconnect to my center.

I lean on my own coaching tools from igolu (the work I am certified in). I have a shift list to support me when I need a check up from the neck up. That list includes music, breathework, a make-out session with my husband, my child’s smile, movement, and a hot bath with a paperback book + glass of red wine.


To feed my soul I read books, mostly self-help, but I switch it up quite a bit. Favorites are Brene Brown, Paulo Coelho, Elizabeth Gilbert, and J.K. Rowling.

I am most lit up when speaking in front of a group of people. Similar to that of Chris Farley on SNL as the motivational speak, this is when I feel most on fire and in my purpose.  

Replenishment looks like quality time with my family and closest friends. If that time is out in nature, even better. #doublewhammy

Joy is in connection. The heart connection of a good conversation over coffee.

I’m happiest amongst the trees with humans I love.

I have a sense of purpose when I am being of service to the World. This practice of service is deeply rooted in my soul values, my unique gifts such as my coaching voice and my ability to listen. When I can offer my gifts, be it to my family, my clients or in my writing, I feel connected, I feel I am living on purpose.

My spiritual practices lie in the simple. I love reading a book and exploring new concepts, a forever student. I love positive self-talk when I wash my face morning and night. And my favorite practice is a soul values tune in and tune up. I keep my values front and center when creating my vision and goals.

I am in the deep throws of transition right now. As a new Mom, my identity is going through a complete and massive makeover. From my style to my calendar priorities, to my body shape to my brand, I am choosing to explore this dynamic life from a very open perspective in which I am open to change and I am open to receiving direction, love in all forms, and a new way of living. And to be honest, it is scary as shit and so, so, so exciting.