I first met Kelly Leveque at the Califia x BeWell Smoothie Bowl Social back in July and I was so blown away by how approachable and down-to-earth she was, while also being a super knowledgable badass when it comes to health and wellness. Naturally, I had to ask her if she'd be willing to share her health and wellness practices in The Live Well Series! From protein and healthy-fat packed meals and a dedication to staying active to relationships based on trust, support, and laughter, Kelly makes living well look absolutely beautiful!


My goal is always eight hours of sleep! I try to go to bed by 11 PM at the latest and I'm up at 7 AM most days. I see clients between 9 AM and 7 PM daily, but my schedule isn't consistent; it changes daily with events, clients and press. I always start my day with a smoothie and end it cuddled up with my hubby. If I need to work late, I try my best to wear amber lenses.  


Breakfast: BeWellSmoothie®. Lunch: Salad with wild protein, extra veggies, loaded with fat like avocado, olive oil and seeds. Snacks: Cashews or walnuts if I need it. Dinner: Protein, veggies and fat! I like barbecued burgers, lettuce wraps with avocado, shrimp stir fry, broccoli beef, taco bowls and simple baked salmon with roasted vegetables. Drink: Most days it's just water, sparkling water, coffee, tea, and on the weekends vodka, tequila or wine. Splurge: Coconut ice cream, gluten-free pizza or chocolate chip cookies from Capello's or vino. Supplements: Probiotics, vitamin D3/K2, omega-3, and magnesium.


I workout 3-6 days a week depending on my schedule and I normally do classes at OTF (Bruce), Soulscycle (Lindsey), Maha Yoga (Ryan, Tom or Steve), or a private training session with my friend Mike Alexander of Madfit. I just do what fits in my schedule or what's going to make me happy. It's all about consistency and getting at least 1-2 day of weights in!  


My husband and best friends support me, challenge me to do better, listen without judgment, and always make me laugh! Trust is the foundation we build our relationships on.


I like to make it easy and fool-proof to be healthy. We just revamped our house with organic mattresses, clean furniture and sheets, and built a master cleaning supplies list to remember what products are non-endocrine disrupters. I keep a Supracor bath mitt in the shower with scrub to exfoliate daily, I buy my wild proteins in bulk and keep them in my freezer, we have containers of nuts to snack on and two water filters so we never run out. We have light dimmers and a super cozy couch, too! 

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

I love yoga; it's therapy and meditation in one. If I am feeling stressed, I take a break from my harder workouts for a flow and savasana.

For moving out of a bad mood and back into a centered place, workouts do it for me! But if I am not able to get it in, I love watching comedy or stalking IG for funny memes and puppies.


Travel lights up my life. I take 2 weeks every year and I go somewhere new.

Helping others and teaching my clients how to confidently manage their health and see them change is the most uplifting thing in my life.

I’m also so excited about my book! Pinch me!!! I can't believe I will be a published author next year.