Elise Purcell has been a certified H.H.P for almost 10 years. She is an Advanced Rolf Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Nutritional Counselor. She recently completed Functional Diagnostic Wellness training to facilitate tests for hormones, digestive function, and food sensitivities to get to the root of your health challenges and return you to thriving health. Here, she gives us a peek into her daily routines and the practices that allow her to be her most radiant self every single day.


I have always wanted to be a Night Owl, but in reality I'm one of those Morning People. I wake up pretty much every single morning at 7am and do Kundalini yoga for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on my current sadhana or rituals. Then I feed and walk my dog, and normally drink a Guayaki yerba mate. I have 3-4 clients a day on the weekdays, so I normally have time to go on a hike, surf, go to barre class or yoga at some point. I have been detoxing heavy metals this past year and a half, so I have actually been going to hot yoga at Yoga Tropics once or twice a week, which I had not been doing for quite some time.


Most of my life, I have eaten whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I often over-ate, it’s in my family culture… we all really like food. When I got a parasite and then some auto-immune issues around age 30, I got a lot of food sensitivities and really had to adjust my diet ever since then. This was not easy, a girl doesn’t get a name like Big Mama for picky eating. But I have learned a lot in the process. I was a vegetarian for a lot of my life and ate tons of carbs. My favorite way of eating now is plant-based, high protein (although I do eat meat, trying my best to choose organic, grass-fed options).. also tons of veggies, most of which I grow myself. 

I found out that I am highly sensitive to gluten. That was very hard for me as I probably used to eat it at every single meal. I was never one of those people that avoided or thought about carbs. I LOVE GLUTEN in all forms. I made jokes about how silly people were for not eating it and how horrible it would be to not be able to. Umm… a good beer after a surf?! But I have gotten used to living without it and it’s truly not that big of a deal.   

I watch sugar more than anything and generally avoid nightshades, but I feel better now so I don’t have to be as strict about so many things anymore. Breakfast: My breakfast normally consists of 1) eggs and kale with a good oil or 2) a smoothie with greens, a cup of berries, protein powder, collagen, sea salt and MCT oil in it. Lunch: Lunch is commonly a coconut wrap with turkey and goat cheese and veggies, maybe with some corn chips or cucumbers and Majestic Raw Garlic Spread.  I put kraut on almost everything I eat, or just have a few bites for the probiotics. My favorite brand is OzukeDinner: Dinner is maybe a coconut soup with some wild rice and veggies in it or maybe organic, grass-fed roasted chicken or fish with veggies and quinoa. I feel best eating three meals and giving my system a rest between. Splurge: Chocolate!!! I do buy mostly unsweetened and organic. And I usually eat little pieces, not full bars… but I can’t promise anything. I don’t eat perfectly, and anyone that tells you that they do is either lying or living an overly restricted life. If you are dealing with a major health issue (which I definitely have) then it is important to be vigilant with your diet. But a regular, healthy individual should have balance in all areas of life. Also, in the theme of authenticity - I don’t buy things like cookies, cakes, etc. I might have something like that when entertaining or a dessert at a restaurant on a rare occasion, but I try to keep those things out of the house, simply because I will eat the whole box in an absurdly short amount of time. I have found if it’s not there, I don’t even think about it. I also love pizza. And I can eat A LOT of it. Am I doing that all the time? No. When I do, is there any guilt? Absolutely not.


I do Xtend Barre once or twice a week, walk 30-45 minutes most every day, surf, hike, yoga-various forms, and snowboard. I used to be much more restless and Type-A about exercise…I did Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week for many years, ran long distances all the time and marathons, etc. …but these days I find myself much more content when I am balancing mind and body and taking it a little easier. For me, that means meditating every single day and moving my body… but not killing it. This is a life long lesson, and one that I have fought most of my life… and usually lost. I have learned that when you don’t pay attention to the signs, they get louder until you get the point. I rarely ever have physical pain anymore, and I truly feel that comes from listening to my body when it talks, especially when it says slow down.  


I value loyalty, authenticity, motivation, clear communication and a sense of humor most in partnership. Any quirkiness is a plus. I don’t think there is a set of rules that makes things work for everyone. You should give what you want to receive. I believe ideally life brings your challenges, not your partner. But I do see that even when you find a good person, it’s a choice every single day, no matter how long you are together… to show up, again and again. I have never been married, but believe that the rewards probably get sweeter the longer you stay. I think the purpose of all relationships is to learn and heal, thus expanding the capacity for more love.


My home is my sanctuary.  I absolutely love and value traveling, that has always been a huge passion since I was young. But I appreciate nothing more than coming home and being with my dog, getting dirty in the garden and the kitchen and playing really loud music on my record player. It’s important for me to have lots of plants in the house (my specialty is orchids), a clean and uncluttered environment, and meaningful art. Most of the art in my house is made by friends or from personal travels.  I have noticed over time that it is usually a sign that I am not centered or nurturing myself when I am gone too much from home or find myself eating out too often. 

Stress Release and Centering Tools

Kundalini yoga (practicing and teaching it) brings balance and energy to my life. It allows and even encourages all emotions to come up…and then out. I suppressed emotions like sadness and anger in the past, and truly feel that led to sickness and a low level frustration in relation to things that had nothing to do with the source of the problem. Doing Kundalini Yoga + Meditation daily keeps things moving for the energy to come up and out, which feels good and leaves me with a more vital vessel in general. Plus, it's normally a bunch of weirdos dancing to good music...of course I like it!   


I am my happiest when I let go of my hold on life and let it flow. I feel best when I put the phone away and get out in nature. I turn off from social media completely for a few days each month and those are always my best days.  

I feel most alive, free and strong when I am riding my motorcycle on empty, curvy back roads far from a lot of people. 

People that let their goofy side out are my favorite.

Helping people has and always will be my biggest passion.  It took me awhile, but I have learned to include myself as first priority in that passion and create healthy boundaries, and that has made things flow a lot smoother and giving feel a lot better.

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