Katie Manzella is a Certified Crystal Alchemist, Reiki Healer, ThetaHealer and Clairvoyant who assists her clients in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Katie integrates her knowledge of crystals and metaphysical studies along with the combined alchemy of Reiki, Thetahealing, breathwork, yoga, meditation, sacred ceremonies, eco-friendly living practices, and Lightwork to illuminate the space and command divine perfection during sessions.


As much as I love to experience reality from a fresh perspective each day, I do honor my daily rituals. I wake up early, usually between 6:30 am and 10 am. I'll connect with one or all of the crystals I slept with and set some positive intentions for my day while I self heal with Reiki energy. This process takes me anywhere from 1 minute-30 minutes. For years I entered into a deep meditation by covering myself with crystals and tuning in with my Mindfold meditation mask for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours. Over the last few months, I have been consciously aligning more into my physical being so that I feel more grounded in this present reality by going on morning nature walks. I am still able to travel through the higher realms of existence while maintaining my connection to this reality on a deeper level then ever before. This new way of being has allowed me to open my mental channels to greater states of awareness and alertness to call forth my highest consciousness. Before I walk, I create my Auric boundaries by surrounding my energy fields with Light of Emerald Green and Cobalt Blue Rays, Golden Light or I envision myself inside of an iridescent Rainbow Light bubble. I ask that this energetic boundary be self-sustained until I change my auric boundaries again. This keeps me energetically clear and protected from all that does not serve my highest good throughout the day. I welcome in Golden Light to pour through my crown and throughout all of my physical being, chakras and energy fields, clearing, activating and upgrading my energy fields, such as my Torus and Quantum Fields, to their highest frequencies possible while aligning to the source of Infinite Love. I connect with my Higher Self and call upon Lightguides and Dieties to assist and work through me, such as Archangel Metatron or Lakshmi. I create a cord of Light from my sacral chakra that connects me into the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth so that I am grounded into her loving nurturing embrace to strengthen and support my ability to spread Light and Love during my blissful adventures. I change the color of this cord or combine different colors to keep things fun and magical! If I require more grounding, I'll hold a vision of myself as a tree with beautiful roots of Violet Light connecting me into the earth plane. While I walk, I spend time connecting with the Plant and Animal Kingdom, Mother Earth and Father Sky as I hold a crystal in my hand, usually I'll carry a grounding stone like Black Tourmaline in my left hand. I look in the mirror every morning and say, "I love you, I accept you", followed by other affirmations that maintain and sustain my alignment to my Higher Self and All That Is. After all of this, I make my tea with Myers lemon or drink an organic cold pressed juice and take my morning supplements. Then I’ll usually pull 3 cards from my Liquid Crystal Oracle cards or play with my Doreen Virtue Angel Cards. I’ll also get some reading in from one of my metaphysical books on crystals, Reiki or a perhaps a Doreen Virtue book. I treat myself to a cup of organic fair trade coffee or two after most of my daily rituals have been done. I bless my coffee with so much gratitude and love and am very thankful for the clarity of mind that it provides me through my day of Lightwork. I do believe that its important to change up your routine to stay stimulated and spontaneous but I find rituals to be very nurturing and grounding.

In the evening I’ll burn sage or palo santo and cleanse my energy fields with my Selenite wand while I invoke the full power of the Violet Flame or Golden Light to transmute any energies that do not serve in my space or being into All Loving energies. I’ll tune in with my Higher Self and ask my Lightguides to assist with the process of transmutation. I welcome in Archangel Michael to work with me as I sleep to detoxify my astral body and to help upgrade my energy fields to a higher vibration. I’ll ask that I only travel through realms of Light and Love so that I experience perfect peace and rest and that while I sleep I am in divine guidance and protected. In doing so, I’ll awaken with clarity and energy for a fulfilling day. I fall asleep between 9 pm and 3 am depending on how stimulated or relaxed I am by the magic circulating within and around me.  I always sleep with crystals under my pillow and in my hands or on my heart. I usually fall asleep to meditation music. Hemi-Sync techonology, Monroe Products and Amoraea Dreamseed are some of my favorites. Occasionally I work with more advanced sleep chambers with highly evolved energies to accelerate my personal spiritual evolution.


I followed a vegan diet for 4 years and to experience more lifeforce and mental clarity I welcomed eggs into my diet about 2 years ago anywhere from 1 to 4 times per week. I believe there is an ethical way to eat animal products especially if your physical health is suffering. I feel so much more grounded and energized now. I have a specific source for my unfertilized eggs that come from a happy farm. I always bless my food with Reiki and Crystal Love and send deep gratitude to the food, the Earth and Universe for my lifeforce that nourishes every cell of my being so that I may thrive and experience a day of blessings, peace, love and joy to share with others. Breakfast: I’m usually not too hungry in the morning so, to make sure I get my nutrition at the start of the day, I make a potent herbal tea or sip on juice. My favorite is Sunpotion’s Moringa with Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda. I'll add some Myers Lemon to the tea or I'll enjoy an organic cold pressed juice from Lifefood Organic or Moon Juice. If I’m feeling the need for more substance, I’ll have organic banana and sunflower seed butter with hempseeds sprinkled on top and perhaps some raw honey. If I'm at work I'll have the chia porridge with organic fruit from Lifefood Organic as one of my favorite go to breakfast choices. Lifefood Organic is a shared space with the spa I practice my energy healing so I eat there pretty much every day! I feel very blessed to have such easy access to this incredible source of lifeforce. Snacks: I snack throughout the day to maintain my energy levels and to keep myself physically grounded and mentally clear. My go to snacks to help me stay grounded while I work with the high vibrational Crystal Kingdom and energy work with clients would be Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts. I also love to nibble on Sacred Chocolate (the Immuno Mushroom and Holy Hemp with CBD are my favorite flavors) to anchor me back down to earth and to also invoke an experience of bliss and calm. I love organic apples, grapes and figs to also satisfy my sweet tooth. I'll munch on celery, purple green beans, cucumbers with raw hummus and pretty much all the Moon Juice activated treats in between meals to sustain my lifeforce. When I feel like I need some powerful nutrients I'll enjoy a cold pressed juice and avocado with olive oil, sea salt and hemp seeds. Lunch: I usually eat lunch at Lifefood Organic and I’ll order a custom green salad with cilantro, hempseeds and avocado and an organic cold pressed all greens juice. I also am a big fan of Lifefood Organic’s raw vegan sea wrap and cauliflower sushi. Dinner: I love to cook myself dinner with my crystals and some good music or spiritual lecture playing in the background with a heart full of love and gratitude. I’ll cook up all kinds of mixed veggies, sprouted quinoa, lentils or rice for more protein and maybe a couple of eggs or a sweet potato. If I want to go out to dinner I usually go to Café Gratitude. My go to meal their would be the “I AM Whole”. Drink: I am never without a bottle or mason jar of sparkling or alkaline water. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. I love to add Doterra Peppermint and Lemon essential oil to my water. Also putting a Crystal in your water makes it extra happy! I drink 1 -2 Organic Cold Pressed Juice daily and I’ll enjoy the occasional Kombucha and Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. I also love to have Aloe Vera Juice a few times a week and I sip on organic tea and coffee daily. Splurge: I love my vegan sweets! When I’m feeling like a good splurge I’ll treat myself to some high vibrational vegan ice cream, raw vegan cake from Lifefood Organic or I’ll bake cookies with all organic ingredients with eggs as the only animal product. I also eat dark chocolate pretty much every day to keep me happy! I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes so I figure daily chocolate and vegan treats is the least I can do to indulge a little in this being human thing we do. Supplements: I bless all of my supplements with Reiki energy and keep crystals surrounding them at all times. I’ll even keep a crystal, like a carnelian, inside of the jar the supplements come in. I consider my herbs and tinctures to be incredibly important for my overall health, clarity and lifeforce. I am so in love with Paul Stamets Host Defense mushroom supplements and have been taking them daily for 6 years. My favorite mushrooms to take medicinally are Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail and Stamets 7 blend. I also use Sun Potion’s Ashwaghanda, Moringa, Rhodiola, Triphala, Suma and Anandamide blend regularly. Premiere Research Labs is an amazing company and I take their Melatonin to help me sleep and Oil of Oregano when I feel my immune system needs some extra love. I have tinctures of Vitex and Holy Basil to help keep my hormones balanced and my mood extra peaceful.  Healthforce Spirulina and Probiotics are also a great source of my vitality.


I do my best to practice yoga and go hiking at least 3 times a week. I also love to dance spontaneously and freely with crystals while sending Love, Light and good vibes into this realm. Walking every day is also a wonderful way for me to stay active and grounded. I love my power yoga but I don’t like to push my physical being too hard so I make sure the way in which I circulate energies is in a gentle, nurturing and loving way. I usually hike alone so that I can really tune in with myself, the Earth and All That Is. My favorite yoga studio in Los Angeles is Ashley Cummings Agni Yoga in West Hollywood. She is a soul sister who I also consider as one of my greatest spiritual mentors. Ashley holds such a powerful space during class and I just love to practice yoga in her beautiful presence.


Healthy boundaries, heart centered communication, compassion and a sense of humor are important when it comes to my relationships with others. I love to share a good laugh and cry with someone close to my heart. I have found that love without conditions, limits, expectations or attachments is a great way to form a healthy relationship. Trust and heart centered compassion is also a beautiful source of harmony when it comes to my relations with others. I believe in creating divine connections that allow us to evolve and expand in ways that heal, uplift and inspire us along our own individual journeys as well as our collective one.  


I keep the vibration of my home high by weekly energetic sweeps using Golden Light of Eternal Peace from the Great Central Sun, the Violet Flame and the assistance of my Higher Self and Archangel Michael, Ascended Master Jesus Christ and any other Lightguides or Dieties who wish to come through to clear away any energies that do not serve in the space and uplift the ones that do. I love to burn sage and palo santo and light incense, which ensures my space is flowing with good vibes so that my crystals are always clear and happy. I keep my personal space illuminated with my crystals, sacred geometry artwork and unicorn paintings and figurines. I just love the playful energy of the unicorns. It reminds me not to always take myself or this experience too intensely and to nurture my inner child. Lighting candles and expressing gratitude for my sacred space always makes the energy feel extra special. I also only use eco friendly cleaning and personal care products to keep my home and physical being clean. I never use any products or support companies that create product with toxins in them for my own personal health and the health of this Planet.  

Stress Release and Centering Tools

To release stress and ground myself I definitely find physical exercise like yoga, hiking or walking works wonders. Of course my crystals are always there for me during times of intensity and within their frequency I am provided with the peace of mind to dissolve all discord and transform the effects into Love. The infrared sauna at Sweatheory, which is the spa where I practice my energy healing, is not only a physical detox but a mental and emotional release as well. I feel so renewed and restored after a sauna session! To realign and dissolve stress, I connect with my Higher Self, Lightguides, or loved ones and this always helps me feel grounded and secure in this Universe. Also, reestablishing my Auric boundaries and grounding cord while holding a crystal anchors me back into my body in such a magical way. I am also a huge fan of hugging a tree to cure any sort of disharmony while also accessing some powerful universal wisdom. Walking barefoot on the Earth to send away old emotions within the cellular memory is a very special experience.

One of my favorite go to tools to release stress is connecting with one of my crystals, most likely a Lepidolite or Onyx to dissolve stress, and just by tuning into its energy and allowing Light to flow throughout all of my energy fields, I am cleared of any blockages or energetic entanglements. I’ll also create a cord of Light from my root chakra and send all the energies that do not serve me into the embrace of Mother Earth so she can transmute the disharmony into Divine Love. When I need to go deep into an altered state, I use my Mindfold mask and an assortment of crystals and just lay on my amethyst biomat for at least 20 minutes while connecting to the source of Infinite Love and Eternal Peace. I come out of this sacred experience clear, balanced and activated to my highest divine potential. Meditation is a perfect way to release old energies and to activate the all-loving energies that do serve to their highest frequencies possible. If I am feeling some extra heavy energies floating around me, I just surrender and say, “I give it to God”. Also working with my mentor and receiving bodywork, like acupuncture and massage, always realigns and restores me. One of the most powerful ways I stay connected to seeing reality with a vision of Love is reciting affirmations, calling upon Lightguides, and expressing gratitude for my beautiful life. When I still find that I’m in need of some extra calm and peace, I wont deny that dark chocolate is an amazing source of serenity. I also love to work with herbs to maintain a sense of peace and calm. Ashwaghanda and Holy Basil work wonders to sustain my peace of mind and keep my emotions stabilized.   


To feed my soul I'll go on an adventure to sacred destinations to clear and expand my mind. Connecting to Mother Earth’s nurturing embrace in hot springs and looking up at the night sky while anchoring the energies of the cosmos always makes my soul so happy. I leave Los Angeles at least once a month to visit magical Ojai where I used to live for 5 years when I was a teenager and that always resets me. I love to visit the Integratron in Joshua Tree and for the first time this winter I immersed myself in the magic of the energy vortexes in Sedona. Even just a quick visit to the Malibu coast or Topanga Canyon stimulates my soul. I am always so happy when I am connecting with loved ones in natural settings. One of my favorite soul reviving activities is to hold crystal planting ceremonies or create crystal grids to send healing energies and set positive intentions for myself, humanity and the Planet. 

I am the happiest when I do the work that I came to this Planet to do, to share my compassion and my Light and Love to whomever needs it. I love to guide others in any way that I can be of divine assistance. I find so much joy in gifting young children crystals. It really makes my heart burst open a bit more each time I see a young child embrace their new crystal friend.

 I find purpose in the energy healing work that I do with my clients and during the Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Activation classes that I have taught. My soul thrives when I have the opportunity to assist another along their evolutionary journey through sharing my wisdom on the Crystal Kingdom and metaphysical studies during workshops, with private clients or anyone that crosses my path who expresses interest in the work I am doing on this beautiful planet. Witnessing others awaken to their true hearts desires is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ever ask for. I also find deep purpose supporting other energy healers like my own mentor, who I see for tune-ups, and revolutionaries, like Paul Stamets, by purchasing his supplements to enhance my lifeforce. I experience a great deal of self-worth when all of my financial transactions are made to businesses and individuals that are in alignment with my truth of eco-friendly and holistic living practices that help restore humanity and the Earth back to balance. I believe that every moment I experience is a spiritual practice and the knowing that everything and everyone is sacred allows me to feel uplifted in all that I do and all that I AM. 

I am so excited to continue this beautiful journey along my illuminated path being of Loving service to humanity, this Planet and the Universe by spreading peace, Light and awareness of the Crystal Kingdom, Reiki and other metaphysical topics. I am looking forward to going on more magical trips to sacred destinations to access greater states of consciousness and to connect deeper with highly evolved souls as we uplift and inspire one another along our earthly and ethereal travels. I am also so excited to continue learning about the spectrum of emotions and adventures that make this human experience the dream that it truly is. 

Katie Manzella is a practitioner at Sweatheory, a holistic detox spa in the heart of Hollywood. If you would like to schedule an energy healing session with her, please call 310-956-2307 or email at katie@sweatheory.com.

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