Maricel Lukkanit is an incredibly passionate vegan chef, food blogger and event host. She’s been traveling around the world for 5 years and been to over 70 countries. During her travels, she has developed beautiful, plant-based recipes inspired by the places she visits and hopes to enchant others with her dishes and inspire them to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Read on to learn about the wellness routine that keeps her own happiness and health on point while she's on the go!


I usually wake up at 6 am and have a run in the park. That’s the time that I take for myself to go through the day and focus on my goals that I want to accomplish and achieve. Beginning from a centered place is the most important thing in my day and it gives me the balance that I need to get started. I am a personal chef, food blogger, and special event host so I don’t have a daily work routine. My days involve juggling preparing meals for my clients, planning workshops and events, as well as coaching and supporting people wherever I can. My work is flexible and I enjoy working all over the world. As I am currently based in Bangkok, there is so much that you can do to end your day, whether it is a night swim or a delicious drink at one of the rooftop bars. I love to read at night and as much as I would love to stay awake as long as I can, I go to bed at around 11pm in order to be fresh and energetic for the next wonderful day.


I follow a vegan diet with 60% raw and 40% cooked plant-based food. Breakfast: I usually have a green smoothie bowl. The base for this smoothie is always frozen bananas combined with fresh kale, greens, hemp seeds, cacao, spirulina, and strawberries. It is so good for you! I have published some healthy and quick recipes on my blog. Lunch: When I’m not eating at home I like to try out new dishes and I often have my favorite Thai foods like pad thai or massaman curry or simply just a colorful salad depending on my gusto and what my body tells me to eat. Snacks: In Bangkok there are small fruit carts everywhere. They offer all kinds of wonderful fruits and I especially like rose apples. In Bangkok, there are so many healthy and quick options to fuel your body with! Dinner: I love simple food: raw vegetables, fruits, legumes prepared with low fat and low sodium! Drink: I drink up to 4 liters of water every day and I love carrot juice and coconut water. Splurge: I enjoy sweet treats like everyone else but I prefer the healthy versions: raw chocolate cake or pumpkin cinnamon pie, vegan carrot cake with “cream cheese” icing or a raw fudge caramel chocolate muffin. I don’t even feel guilty afterwards. Supplements: I don’t take any supplements since my diet is very versatile and well balanced.


I always do my workout in the morning, which consists of running lately. I am planning to train for a marathon in the near future. I also enjoy working out in the gym and getting the glutes burning! I’m pretty flexible about how I incorporate my training into my daily schedule.


The key element of any relationship is the special connection that you share with another person and that can build towards a deeper and longer lasting relationship. The appreciation of and joy for living different chapters and experiencing emotions together is important. It is wonderful if you can grow with your partner and I think that is definitely a key to a satisfying, healthy, and quality relationship. A relationship is only as precious and meaningful as you allow it to be and just like a bonsai it needs regular attention in order to flourish and develop elements that haven’t been there before. The path to a long lasting relationship is what I value the most. The experiences and emotions that you share with each other are priceless, so valuable, and unique.


I like clean surfaces and I am a fan of symmetry. That combined with warm elements, soft structures, and a natural touch creates a comfortable and warm home vibe for me. I appreciate and value my time that I spend at home to regain strength and creativity. I love big wooden windows and doors and to be surrounded by nature. Those elements give me energy and support a sense of wellness as I start my day or week.

Stress Release and Centering Tools

I avoid stress and negativity! I love what I do from the bottom of my heart and I enjoy being active and creative. That is definitely one key to a satisfying life: Do what you love most and be well prepared to avoid negativity and stress. You know it is right when you feel this burning desire within you. I think it’s important to follow your heart and not neglect your passion. I don’t want to be a “what if” person.

I make myself the top priority everyday. Time is so precious and should be spent wisely. The time that you spend for yourself is a good investment and it is important to realize that you have the power to change every aspect of your life whether it is a bad mood or a lack of motivation. I believe in asking myself why I’m feeling the way I do, being honest, and thinking about the things that I want in life and focusing on that. Life is like the seasons; there will be winters and there will be summers and surely autumn and spring. We all know that. The difference is only how we deal with these shifts.


I love to read and gain knowledge from our past philosophers. We have to appreciate and make use of the heritage that has been given to us. All of our questions have been answered. We just have to seek the answer and be inquisitive enough to find it out. Music feeds my soul and helps me feel good. Meditation is another technique that I use to become centered and aligned with myself.

You find your sense of purpose once you find your burning desire. We all need purpose in life and I don’t think you should ever stop looking for it until you find it. I want to keep evolving and growing in what I am doing and to be full of joy and empathy.

I am excited to help people with my personal chef service where I support my clients by doing their groceries, cooking tailored meals in their homes for the whole week and leaving their kitchen clean and fridge full of deliciousness. Aside of that, I am hosting exclusive dinner events, called Supper Clubs, which is a cross between a dinner party and a restaurant experience at the chef’s home. I love bringing people together and inspiring my guests with gourmet plant-based food in incredible surroundings like no other. Workshops and cooking shows are other things that are part of my activities and I can't wait to reach out to more people and upcoming events and projects in the future.