As a health coach, natural health writer, and wellness educator, Alexa Gray has her finger on the pulse of the wellness world. She is passionate about supporting conscious brands and creating a positive impact through her many and varied creative endeavors. Here, Alexa shares how she cultivates radiant joy and holistic health in her own life.


I like to go to sleep and wake up around the same time. At 8am I wake, meditate, and have a juice/smoothie. At 9am I go to the gym or yoga. At 11am I have breakfast and work, with breaks in between until 7pm when I have dinner and connect with friends. By 10pm it’s time to read, meditate, and journal. 


Right now I do: gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar added and I feel amazing! Breakfast: Organic frittata with a variety of seasonal vegetables or a superfood green smoothie. Lunch: Kitchari or salad with chicken/fish or veggie soup. Snacks: My famous snack plate: olives, vegan cheese, raw veggies, hummus, nuts, and sliced fruit. Dinner: Sustainable sushi with brown rice, organic chicken/salmon with veggies, or a veggie puree soup. Drink: Spring water, green juice, tea, or tonics. Splurge: Raw chocolate. Supplements: Nicole Granato Wellness supplements, lyphospheric vitamin C, zeolite capsules by Omica Organics, vitamin D3, probiotics, and even though it’s not a supplement, I absolutely love tea! 


I belong to Equinox so I love going to a variety of classes there. I like to mix it up: their strength training, dance, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing classes are my favorite. I also love to hike and be outside. I love yoga and go to Nine Treasures or RA MA for kundalini yoga. Also, I recently took “the class” and absolutely loved it! It was a powerful workout while also moving me spiritually.

I like to workout in the morning and then do something in the evening that is a little more calming, but where I am still moving. I don’t like sitting for too long.

I also like variety. If I take an intense boxing class one day, then I follow it up with yoga. I love being in groups when it is the most physically challenging; I find that I get extra energy I need to like diversity and a challenge.

The classes and instructors that I most love are: Guru Jagat at Ra Ma, Tej at Nine Treasures, Natalie Yco at Equinox, Natalie Kuhn from The Class at RA MA.


In relationships, I value honesty and commitment to being authentic. Key elements of a healthy relationship include: focusing on what is working, interest in the other’s feelings, inner drive to expand/grow/evolve, connection to the natural world and to health of one another. I also love a good sense of humor and someone who loves to be creative and is a team player.   


I like a really chill, clean yet vibrant home. My room is my happy place, and I spend time appreciating and diving into the treasures I have inside of it – my books, crystals, my ukulele, my art, my Mexican blanket, tinctures and apothecary products, my biomat and the bear I sleep with (truth)! I like to pretend I am in my dream healing center. I play a lot of mantras, light a lot of candles, and have positive affirmations all over the place.  

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

For stress release I turn to meditation and yoga, watercolor, walking, playing music, writing, watching something funny, like Silicon Valley. Dancing, being naked or acting silly. For me, laughter is a great way to get me out of my funk. There is a time and place to be serious, but it feels so nice to walk around feeling light and open. I like to look for the funny things and think about them to myself and it can instantly change my mood.


Meeting other powerful people feeds my soul. Serving and loving others unconditionally does as well. I love making people food, trying something new, reading a great book, looking at interesting art, following through with a project that I am passionate about, work-related or not. Dancing or performing always lights me up. Going to the gym, spa or being out in nature replenishes me. My boyfriend brings me so much joy. We can barely go a few minutes without laughing or smiling at each other. It’s magical. I am literally the happiest when I am with my loved ones enjoying a beautiful meal or doing some sort of community service work. I also love supporting people and I consider myself a doula for start-ups at this point.   

Doing service work gives me a sense of purpose, and then I help brands grow, so that also has given me a new sense of purpose. I do a lot of praying. I never used to do that as a kid, but I have just started and it has made a huge difference. It makes sense to ask the Universe for what you need.

I feel uplifted whenever I speak sweetly to myself or read something inspiring. I am a devout Kaypacha fan, so whenever his weekly astrology report comes out, I am sure to listen to that. I think there is a lot of wisdom around us, especially when we are faced with a difficult situation, and that could be the most spiritual moment of the day. It’s that moment when you take a deep breath and come at it from an angle of love, instead of reacting. So being in the moment and looking for things to be spiritual or uplift me always helps.

I am so excited about my business, Gray Media Lab. I feel like I am creating my dream job every day and I am very proud of the work that I am creating for my clients. I am also excited to be making time to cultivate deeper connections in all of my relationships and spending time just taking care of me and replenishing my soul through creative endeavors.