For yogi, writer, and all around soulful spirit, Mary Beth LaRue, wellness is all about empowering movement, nourishing alone time, and creating space for authentic connection with the ones she loves. Oh, and tea. Definitely tea.


I wake up around 6:45 am. I meditate with my husband and Rosy, our bulldog and the best snoring meditator, for ten minutes then make a big tea and get started with my day. Evening is usually one of our favorite shows followed by at least a half hour of reading. I get to bed by 10:30 or 11 pm.


Breakfast: I’m not a huge breakfast eater so I’ll usually do a smoothie or Ezekiel toast with almond butter or avocado. Always a tea. Lunch: A massive salad with protein. This is when I’m most hungry. Snacks: I don’t snack a lot. My splurge during the day is warm beverages. You’ll almost always find me with one. I’m trying to stay away from caffeine after noon. So far it’s going… okay. Dinner: Chicken, beef, or fish with lots of veggies. Drink: Kombucha. I quit drinking alcohol a couple of months ago and it has been quite the journey on all levels - physical, mental, emotional. I love to treat myself to a kombucha in the evenings in a wine glass. Splurge: CHOCOLATE! And not even the healthy kind. Milk chocolate! Supplements: SFH liquid fish oil, B12, Zinc (for skin).


Any yoga class at Wanderlust Hollywood. I absolutely love teaching in this community and learning. I’m also on ClassPass because I’m loving new ways of moving my body. A few favorites are Studio Elevate or Studio MDR for Pilates, YAS for Spinning, Love Yoga for super chill yoga and meditation with Jana Roemer.


In relationships, what I value most is authentic connection and communication and feeling even more like myself with the person than without.


Home is one of my most important values. I’m a fairly introverted Virgo who loves, loves, loves to create space. We have lots of really brightly colored walls with accents from our travels all over the world (especially Sayulita, Mexico). We also have a diffuser and always have different aromatherapy oils all throughout the house, as well as books, fresh flowers, and natural light. Home is my sanctuary!  

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

For stress release: movement, getting outside or in my body sans phone, being with Rosy helps too, meditation—it changes everything—and teaching. There’s nothing like being in service to others to get you out of your own head and problems! To re-center: cleaning (true story…it makes me happy), 90s music, movement, writing, calling my best friend, brother or parents.


I love California so very much so whenever I can celebrate this gorgeous state I’m connected to my blissroad trip up the coast, sitting by the ocean, exploring new neighborhoods or beach towns. Writing, early mornings, quiet alone time (100 percent necessary), meditation, prayer, gratitude, creating (classes, Rock Your Bliss, writing, collages, and playlists). Knowing that my path is unfolding gives me a sense of purpose. I’m making a lot of big, pretty scary changes this year. I can’t hide out in ANY WAY anymore and that’s become very clear to me. So knowing that my purpose is innate and all around me and my job is to follow. Right now, I’m most excited about my health—dropping things that no longer serve me and feeling so many great things in return, my business—I don’t even know where to begin. I’m thrilled about what’s unfolding with both of my businesses—Mary Beth LaRue and Rock Your Bliss. It’s a very juicy time. I’m also excited about my daily life with my family and friends.