Lyndsey Fryer talks to strangers, loves hard, and laughs often. As a yogi, writer, and all around enthusiast for new experiences, Lyndsey has made an art out of sucking the marrow out of life and enjoying quiet moments to absorb it all. Here, she shares her thoughts on wellness, mornings with her dog, Moose, and being absolutely lit up by connection.



I work in medical device sales, and I cover northern California, I’m on the road most days, and am usually overnight a few nights a week. It can be challenging to have a routine, but I am trying to establish one. When I’m at home, I usually wake up at 6 am. French press is non-negotiable and I bundle up and head outside to walk my dog, Moose, rain or shine for about 3 miles. I leave my phone behind on this walk, and it’s quite possibly my favorite part of my day. I used to work out in the mornings, but after a few years of teaching yoga in the 5:45 am slot, I’ve fully embraced mornings with Moose, and leave the sweat to 6pm and on.


I’ve gone vegetarian before, for months at a time. I don’t know what this means or says about me, but fried chicken always brings me back, and I never regret it. I do feel best though when I’m eating whole: fruits, veggies, and lean meats. I grew up with a Korean mama, so spice on everything is a must. Breakfast: Two eggs, some greens, and coffee with coconut creamer. Lunch: I’m not a big lunch fan; I always seem to be in a rush here (that’s on me), but if I can stop and pause a big ol’ salad. The whole foods salad bar before it gets man-handled is a thing of beauty. I love variety. Snacks: I keep a stash of Justin’s Almond Butter packets in my car and take one of those down whenever I’m feeling a drop. Dinner: This is where I get into trouble. I LOVE dinner, and I love to eat late…when I say I love dinner, I mean, bring on the decadence, the cheese, and the seconds. It’s the meal where I have to ask myself if I’m actually hungry, or if I just feel like I need a giant burrito at 9pm. Hey, listen, sometimes you just need that giant burrito at 9pm! Drinks: I go to bed dreaming about coffee. I love coffee. Water breaks, yes. However, being on the road so often can be a bit tricky once your only option is to use a bathroom in a strange town that’s not connected to a gas station and requires a key. I don’t drink as much water as I could. As for booze, outside of my “Festival Fryer” moments, I don’t drink very much, because I never sleep well if I’ve had a drink. Splurges: Jalapeno Kettle Chips and dark chocolate. Supplements: I don’t take supplements.  


Yoga, lots of yoga. I like the energy of an evening class, and I like finishing my day that way. A power vinyasa class followed by a yin class is down right bliss. I also love kundalini yoga, but I get pretty weird (weirder than usual) for a couple of days after, all good stuff, but if I have an important meeting where I have to be super serious or focused, I save the kundalini for the weekend. I run a few days a week, because nothing beats the way that feels. I also train a few times a week at a functional fitness gym (think rope slams, kettle bells, sled pulls), and I feel strong and beautiful here. Frankly, after 7th grade when everyone’s kind of knobby and skinny, my body type’s been strong and muscular. I embrace this.  


When it comes to relationships, I value the truth. All my people, they’re truth tellers, story-tellers, and full of heart. I am surrounded by the best possible people, and the common denominators are always the same. I am so, so drawn to people who are authentic. I want to be next to people who are kind. I want to drink tequila with people who are hilarious. I LOVE when people are getting after it. My table is filled with visionaries. I’m very grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends and leaders. As for romantic relationships: mutual love, inspired by the other, being better together than we would be apart. Lots of making out and touch, solid communication, and independence balanced with union.


I’m a Cancer sign, so it’s hard to get me out of my house. If I do leave my house, then I want to come to your house, or somewhere like that that feels nurturing. I live in a beautiful old craftsman home built in the 1920s. The floors are old and original, and so are most of the windows. The shower is pure luxury and sometimes I drink coffee in there (it’s big). My vibe is browns and greys. My kitchen is all white. I have a California king bed that I sleep in all alone with my dog, with high thread count sheets; it was a purchase I made this year, and at first I was like, this seems a bit excessive. Now I’m like, Is it time for bed?

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

My grounding ritual is my morning walk with my dog, I truly work through so much on these walks. I prefer to take them alone. I also have an index card on my fridge that reads ‘Will it matter a year from now?’ I also try to remember, again and again, that everything is always changing.


I love and need alone time. I go all sideways without it. I like a peaceful environment, I’m almost always listening to music, and I love, love, love to read the New York Times on Sunday mornings. I like the feel of paper in my hands. What lights me up is my connection to others. I’m always amazed at the small moments, and how they add up to one big life. Feeding my soul? I love being alone, but lighting things up, I deeply desire to be in the comfort and connection of others. I go to the ocean to be replenished, I am outside as much as possible, and I love the change of seasons. Fall is my absolute favorite! I like that it gets darker, earlier, and cooler. I am happiest when I am doing something that I feel matters. Having a conversation that matters. Hitting publish on something that matters. Paying attention to my surroundings and engaging with others in a way that matters. Making an impact, that’s when I’m happiest. I am happiest in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, with no cell reception, and a handful of my favorite people. The impact there is restoration, and I am all the better for it when I seek it regularly. If I am not helping and supporting others, then what the hell am I doing? Supporting others in getting to the place where they can shine? Oh yes. Right now, I’m really excited about the fact that I’m going to be teaching on Monday and Friday nights at a new, beautiful studio opening up in Oakland. Two of the biggest dynamos I know are behind it, and it feels like a real opportunity to build something. Shake things up. Keep paying it forward.