Monday 6/10 – Bat Reversed  – If you feel like you’re being pushed out of certain circumstances or ways of being, the best thing you can do is embrace the shift. Trust that any shedding that is happening right now is only serving your growth. Grieve if you must, but let go willingly so that you can open yourself up to new and more aligned opportunities. If you’re really struggling, dig more deeply into your self-care practices and take time to honor any feelings of loss through ritual or release practices. Better things are coming. Welcome them in with open arms.

Tuesday 6/11 – Lynx Reversed - We are all intuitive and this is absolutely a blessing, but it’s so very important that we practice discernment in the way we use our gifts. Not every vision or message we receive is meant to be taken literally or shared for that matter. Practice balance in the way you honor your intuition by making a personal note of the messages you receive, exploring how they are reflected in the world around you, and then only sharing them with others if and when you have explicit permission to do so.

Wednesday 6/12 – Jaguar Reversed  – Today we’re being called to look closely at how our actions are or are not aligned with our values and who we wish to be in the world, and take action around any areas where there are discrepancies. It’s also a good time to examine whether or not we are being transparent in our interpersonal connections and honoring the free will of those around us by being very honest about who we are and what we are seeking. Even subtle forms of manipulation can muddy the waters of our relationships so make sure that you are being clear about your intentions and allowing people to choose their own destinies for themselves.

Thursday 6/13 – Salmon Reversed – If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your own heart, even in small ways, it’s time to come back home to yourself. Over-busyness, fear mindset, and overwhelm can pull us out of our heart space and it’s so important that we intentionally ground and tune back into that inner voice that speaks loving truth. Set aside some time for stillness, even if it’s only a few moments, so that you can move forward with clarity and a deeper sense of alignment.    

Friday 6/14 – Swan – After a week that seemed to be all about deep inner work, today brings a softening and more ease. Allow yourself a deep exhale and trust that, even in the midst of intense life shifts, you are being supported. The more you show up as the most authentic version of yourself, the more you’ll find that the right people, opportunities, and support show up for you, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere. The key is being courageously vulnerable with your heart.

Saturday 6/15 – Hummingbird – So often, joy isn’t so much something that happens to us as it is something we choose. It’s a perspective of gratitude. A willingness to let ourselves become fully absorbed into the simplest pleasures. Warm sunlight. A delicious meal. Comfortable silence with a kindred spirit. Practice choosing joy today and let it nourish and heal you in mind, body, and spirit.

Sunday 6/16 – Squirrel – Most of us have so much more abundance than we usually even acknowledge. Take some time today to really notice what is going right in your life, from the big to the little things. You might also want to consider doing a little prep for the week ahead to ensure that you start out the coming week calm, collected, and with a little extra ease.

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