Monday 5/27 – Raven  – Keep your eyes open for synchronicities today. If you find yourself receiving repeat messages, whether that’s strikingly similar words from different sources, recurring number sequences, unusual encounters with animals, or images that seem to pop up everywhere you go, pay attention. Check in with your gut first to see if you have an intuitive sense of what the meaning behind the messages might be. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask Spirit for clarification. Sometimes guidance can come from unexpected places. You only need to open your heart and mind to receive it.

Tuesday 5/28 – Turtle Reversed  - If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself or a sense of belonging in this world, it’s time to reconnect with Source. Carve out some time to be present with nature today, whether that means a hike in the hills, a walk along the beach, working in your garden, or simply gazing at the sky. Allow yourself to tune into the pulse of nature and remember that the very same force that causes the flowers to open and close and the tides to ebb and flow brings life to your heart. You are not a mistake. You belong here. The question is: What impact do you wish to have in this life? What legacy do you want to leave behind when you return to the earth? Let the answers to those questions fill you with purpose and guide your days.

Wednesday 5/29 – Turkey Reversed  – A consistent gratitude practice can be a powerful way to tap into joy, but when life gets challenging or we’re experiencing pain or struggle, telling ourselves we “should” be grateful can feel inauthentic. Instead of trying to bully yourself into positive feelings, start with simple pleasures. Warm sunlight on your skin or a cool breeze. The smell of fresh flowers, coffee, or clothes right out of the dryer. A song you absolutely love. The softest T shirt. Whatever brings you a pure and uncomplicated joy--focus on that experience and let the sensations of true, visceral gratitude (as opposed to gratitude as a mental concept) fill you up. Rinse and repeat as often as necessary.

Thursday 5/30 – Badger Reversed – Check yourself before you wreck yourself (or someone else) today! Aggressive energies may show up out of nowhere and your best bet for avoiding acting out in regrettable ways is to channel that energy into something more productive. Go for a run. Dance. Make art. Write out any words that you need to express, but are better left unsaid. Scream into pillows. Do whatever you need to do to move that energy up and out in a healthy way so that it doesn’t lead to implosions or explosions. If you’ve already blown your lid, own your mistake, do your best to make amends, and then forgive yourself. We are all human after all and none of us make it out of this life without at least a few missteps. The important thing is to learn from them and make an honest effort to do better moving forward.

Friday 5/31 – Ant Reversed – If you find your patience being tested today, try redirecting your focus. A watched pot never boils as they say so stop tapping your foot and waiting for something to happen, particularly if it’s something you have no control over. Pour your energy into something else that lights you up and trust that anything that’s meant to be will be. If you’re really struggling to let go, a hard reboot in the form of a change of scenery and perspective might be necessary. It’s a big world out there. Don’t limit yourself by staying stubbornly focused on only one route or possibility.

Saturday 6/1 – Hawk – Messages will be coming through for you again today and in order for you to be able to receive them, it’s important that you take good care of your mind and body. Our intuition speaks to us in so many different ways--through the knot in our stomach, the chills that move across our skin, the vision that flashes through our mind, or that tiny voice that speaks to us from within. Making sure that we’re well-rested, nourished, and not over-stimulated will make it easier to pick up on our intuitive signals, so do your best today to tend to your vessel. If you know that your body’s needs are met but it still seems to be calling out to you, that’s something to pay attention to. Listen closely to what it’s trying to say and then honor it as best you can.  

Sunday 6/2 – Dolphin Reversed – If you’re feeling weighed down with heavy energies, it’s a sign that you’re spending too much time in your head. Take a break from your seriousness and set aside your work for a moment. Come back to your body and your breath. Connect with your community. Spend time in nature and feel that you are not separate, but a vibrant piece of this intricate and magical world. Even a little time to replenish and reconnect with your joy can allow you to return to your to-do list with more optimism, energy, and groundedness.  

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