Spiritual Coach, Candace van Dell has made it her mission to awaken as many Souls as she can to understand, experience and own their true divine nature. Candace has an ongoing online workshop called Soul Lab and a workbook she created called Spiritual Fitness that together teach practices and principles of aligning one's life to the spiritual laws that govern our Universe.


The first few hours of the day are what I call my spiritual fitness routine. I usually wake up around 9am. Meditation is the first thing I do before I look at my phone, have coffee, etc. I do 20 minutes of Transcendental meditation twice a day. Right after that, I work out to ground my energy for the day. Most days I do an hour hike in the mountains behind my home and if I’m not doing that, I am boxing. I like my workouts to be intense and pretty quick! I usually have a few coaching clients most days and in between clients I am writing for blogs or shooting a video for my YouTube channel. I have dinner with either my husband and/or friends every single night as a way to stop my work for the day and start to relax. I am usually in bed watching my favorite shows by 10pm.


I don’t follow any particular diet because I don’t like to feel restricted in any way. I was a model for many years and I missed the freedom in eating. I make up for it big time now ;-) I allow my body to tell me what it wants most of the time. Breakfast: Definitely involves coffee followed by fruit, yogurt and sometimes a green smoothie or protein shake with banana and peanut butter. Lunch: A TON of veggies! I am obsessed with vegetables, salads and I always add in some protein! Snacks: I enjoy having snacks ALL DAY LONG; I’m not gonna lie, I am an eater ;-) Veggies with hummus, chips with salsa, soup, apple with peanut butter, string cheese and cheese and crackers. Dinner: It’s always different because we eat out almost every night! My husband and I started this tradition when we started dating almost 5 years ago. Every night when he would come home from work we would relax for an hour, catch up and then head out to celebrate the day…the celebrations never stopped! Some of my favorite dinner choices are crab legs, lobster, sushi, Mexican food, Italian. . . pretty much everything! Splurge: My splurge is wine. I try not to drink it too often, but I enjoy the whole culture of wine, its history, how it is made, where it is made, all of it! Supplements: I take a lot of supplements from my holistic doctor. I get muscle tested each month to see what my body’s specific needs are and he provides me with nutritional food supplements. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (thyroid disease) a couple years ago and it has been challenging to keep it balanced at all times. The supplements really help along with a very LOW-STRESS lifestyle.


I hike almost everyday because it’s so beautiful in Southern California and I feel so connected when I am out in nature. Always for an hour and pretty intensely. I also box a couple days a week. I need movement and I love a hard challenge, it is like a moving meditation for me. I am certified in Yoga but since I discovered Pilates I do that instead when I can find the time.


The most important thing to me in a relationship is honest, open, authentic conversation. When you can be exactly who you are with no filter, you have found the one! 


My home is my sanctuary. I love great soothing music at all times, essential oils pumped through the air and comfort. My home is beautiful but it is also comfortable and natural. My friends call it the “love house” which I love!

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

I recently published a workbook on Amazon called “Spiritual Fitness”. I originally wrote it for my coaching clients but it is something I would recommend for everyone. I share my go-to spiritual fitness tips on how to clear mis-identifications, negative emotions and self healing. One of my favorites is breathing! When I start to feel triggered or anxious I stop everything including thoughts and take a MASSIVE breath. I expand my heart and physically remind myself that my heart is bigger than my fear.


My whole day is about the soul food! Coaching clients and seeing them light up with a deeper sense of Self. Posting new videos and hearing about people’s aha moments because of them truly MAKES MY DAY. When something I do or say makes someone have an easier time or love themselves more I feel purposeful. Right now in my life I am most excited about the journey. I am in this really cool stage of expansion. Through teaching others I am learning more than I could have ever imagined. I am excited about what’s to come!