Annah Rose's greatest passion is spreading a message of love. Through coaching, writing, and group events, she encourages women to develop a deep sense of self love and an empowered approach to relationships. Here, the beachy beauty shares the practices that help her stay full of vibrant energy and radiant joy!


As someone who works online, I have the openness to work on my own time, which means my daily schedule varies. I’m definitely a night creative, so that means that I usually wake up between 7:45-9:30 AM, whatever my body needs, and then I’m up until about 1-3 AM working.

A typical work day for me is usually getting some work in until about 2PM and then taking a break and revisiting work again at around 8/9PM.

My morning routine consists of taking care of my dog’s needs right when I wake up, and then heading up to my room to do some stream of consciousness writing, meditation, breath work and then getting ready for the day. From there, coffee is most definitely needed before I dive into work!


My diet is mostly paleo with more of an emphasis on vegetables than protein. I definitely avoid gluten, nightshade vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and dairy. Breakfast: I actually do intermittent fasting so I usually don't eat my first meal until the late morning. But right when I wake up I take my supplements and drink 3 glasses of water. Lunch: I usually eat a kale salad or a protein shake that includes plant-based protein, spinach, banana, almond milk and nut butter. Snacks: I usually eat an apple with nut butter and cinnamon, an avocado with an egg, an avocado with nut butter and honey, or sugar snap peas and guacamole. Dinner: I usually eat hormone-free meat, with steamed veggies and some type of fermented food like beets, kimchi or kraut. Drink: Coffee is a staple in my diet because of my long days, and then an occasional kombucha. Other than that I only drink water or cold press green juices or fresh orange juice. I never drink soda and barely drink alcohol. I find my body doesn't do well with alcohol. Splurge: Kreation Cafe German chocolate cookies! They're vegan and the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Or, double dark chocolate macadamia nuts from Whole Foods; OMG, immediate foodgasm! Supplements: I take probiotics, calcium, fish oil, MCT in my coffee, a multi vitamin and something called osteofx for bones!


Physical fitness is pretty important to me. Last July while living in Mexico, I started doing Crossfit and fell in love with it. 

On a typical week, if I don’t have to travel, I take a class 4-5 times, usually Monday-Friday with weekends as my rest days. My optimal time for working out is in the morning for sure. 

If I’m not doing Crossfit, I will do strength training. I really enjoy lifting to my maximum capability, I find it to be an adrenaline rush. 


Ah, relationships. I totally value honesty, authenticity, vulnerability and communication. I find it is so beyond important to be able to show up fully as yourself, communicate openly and be accepted fully.


My vibe is super bohemian. I have a big macrame on my wall, as well as handmade dream catchers, salt lamps, crystals and always fresh flowers. I feel super feminine in that space with that energy. It helps me feel comfortable and creative for sure.

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

To outlet stress and center I do a few things. If I’m home I will listen to music and either have an impromptu dance party with some motown or I’ll just sit quietly and absorb the vibe of the music if it’s an artist like Sam Smith. 

However, if I’m not home I will do some relaxation breathing techniques and remind myself that whatever is going on isn’t that deep. 

Whenever I am in a bad mood I always take a second to think of my thought patterns and how I personally am creating that mood. 

I always remind myself that my thoughts are something I create, and that I fully have control over my moods and can always choose happiness. That usually gets me out of the bad mood pretty quickly.


Passion for life totally feeds my soul. The mere feeling of getting excited about something just helps me feel alive. My family, my tribe of friends, and my clients totally light me up and feed my soul. Loving people brings me so much joy; I can’t even begin to put that into words. Even including people in whatever I’m doing just makes me feel juiced about life.

The place I am most happy is either anytime I’m at the beach because it rejuvenates my spirit. Or, anytime I’m doing something that I love, creating something awesome or with people I love. 

As far as replenishing, I definitely need time alone to sit with my thoughts, decompress, center, reflect and process things. It helps me be fully present when I’m around others.

As far as spirituality, I wouldn’t say I have any particular practices, but I do regularly attend events to connect with community in the Venice area—a lot of circling events where we hold space for each other and share.  

There’s also a goddess circle that I attend, where we gather together during the new moon and full moon just to connect, share and set positive monthly intentions which is really fun.

I’m super excited about life in general. I truly feel that I have found my purpose in life, which is to bring women together and help them feel powerful in their authenticity and how that equates to dating. I get really excited when I push out new content and for some programs that I am launching in the very near future. 

I just launched a program called the Goddess Wolfpack, where I want to bring tribes, community and sisterhood to women virtually while teaching them how to tap into their feminine power, attract higher quality partners, and have the love they've been waiting for. So, I’m super excited about that, too. Check it out if you feel called!