Every element of Jessica Cure’s life is consciously crafted to support the vibrant, sustainable health of both herself and the planet. As a healing lifestyle coach and sacred space designer, she guides her clients through the process of creating holistic wellness in their own lives and here, she shares how she does the same in her own.


90% of the time I wake up naturally when by body is ready and 10% of the time I set an alarm if I have an early morning appointment or event. I usually wake up between 8-9:30am naturally. I have never been a morning person. My mom told me that even as a baby I would stay up late and sleep until 10am. I now go to sleep between 11pm-1am depending on what I’m up to that night. My morning routine consists of hydrating, stretching and meditating, and then putting in a few hours of work with a light breakfast. My evening routine varies. I love night-time baths as they definitely help my body relax and facilitate restful sleep when I am achy. I love to use Epsom salts and essential oils. My favorites right now are Doterra’s Serenity blend and Vetiver. I always have dim lights on at night and love candles or incense going before bed. I try my best to put away electronics and hydrate again before bed. I love my sleep mask as well. It is something I started when I lived in Las Vegas and kept the routine ever since.


I tend to stick to a plant-based diet, though I do eat eggs, bone broth, ghee and some cheeses all depending on how they are sourced. I do best with a dairy- and gluten-free diet. Food staples would be fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, gluten-free grains, and eggs from my cousin’s farm. I avoid most meat products, refined sugar, gluten, dairy and anything processed. I stick to foods that I know the ingredients of and love to make food for myself. I try to be mindful of waste and buy in bulk or bring my own bags to avoid overuse of plastics and other trash. Breakfast: My go-to’s are eggs with veggies, overnight oats with fruit and nuts, or a big fruit bowl. Sometimes I have a juice or smoothie and I always do tea, coffee or bone broth. Lunch: If I had protein during breakfast then my lunch is usually fruit-based or a soup from bone broth with lots of turmeric and herbs. Snacks: Fruit, nuts, salads, and juices. Dinner: I love to make a veggie and protein plant-based dinner, like a bowl full of lots of local, in-season veggies, some sort of beans, and a starch or rice. Drink: Lots of herbal teas, kombucha, water, water, and more water. Sometimes I infuse my water. Just writing this reminds me I need more water haha. I like coffee but try to keep it to a minimum and I love to make fresh juices. My favorite right now has citrus, turmeric, and fennel—Yum! Splurge: I love cacao! I have many times been called the cacao goddess because I always bring my cacao goodies as offerings, but lets be real, it’s because I always want to be eating it. Supplements: This is something that changes monthly for me. I work with a few naturopaths that help monitor my health and adjust supplements accordingly. I have an autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and use to be on many medications. I have worked on healing naturally, but since there isn’t a cure, I definitely need to stay consistent on monitoring my health. Right now, I’m taking a B100 for energy in the morning. I am working with Val from The Soul Essence doing a flower essence journey, which is a vibrational healing modality, and it consists of taking a customized flower remedy three times a day for three weeks at a time. Basically the essences of the flowers help with healing the emotional body and transforming limiting beliefs in a gentle but profound way. I take Bio-Allay, which includes White Willow, Devil’s Claw and Boswelia serrata. I take Inflamma-Tone tincture at night usually with a few drops of Melatonin. I get a lot of my supplements through teas. I drink valerian root, chamomile, turmeric, ginger, fennel, rose, hibiscus, lemongrass, and peppermint to name a few. These are great for my inflammation, cleansing the blood and relaxing my body. I always take Prescript-Assist Probiotic & Prebiotic as well as eat and drink fermented foods. This is very helpful for my digestion. I will take magnesium before bed when needed and Vitamin D3 if I am not getting it naturally. I am also a huge advocate for CBD oil and medicinal marijuana edibles. This combination is keeping me in remission and helps reduce the body pain.


I love yoga! I used to be Ms. Fitness doing boxing, plyometrics, resistance training, heavy lifting, running and more. I have since worked towards what my body needs to keep my inflammation down. This is currently a combination of yoga, cycling, and outdoor activities such as hiking, walks, bouldering, and paddle boarding. I really don’t have a certain time of day I exercise each day. Lately I have been doing Grit Cycle every Thursday morning and yoga throughout the week where it fits into my day or just depending what teacher or class I may be into at the time. I mostly work from home on my business, Cure Designs, and it makes it easy for me to schedule work between workouts and activities that suit me best. I love taking classes in other locations when I am out for an event or meeting. I think group classes suit me more and I love the support a community brings.  


I definitely value communication and loyalty. I don’t think a relationship works for me without those. I am definitely loyal and keep my friends and partner close. I love to spend time together doing activities that support each other’s growth and happiness. I love the friendships I have made over the years that stay loyal even if we don’t spend much time together or get to talk as much. I have friends all over the US and some around the world so I can’t always talk or see them, but I hope they know I am always there and they are in my heart. A healthy relationship is one that both people can be their truest most authentic selves and be loved anyway.


I am all about the energy in my spaces. I believe this is the key to supporting the rest of our life. We need healing healthy spaces to provide us with positive energy in our lives. I love to create a sexy, relaxing lounge vibe with lots of plants, flowers, candles, crystals, and beautiful scents billowing from the diffuser or burning from my incense. Giving my space a quick cleansing with sage makes an immediate difference in the energy. I like to have music playing and lots of cozy blankets and pillows to climb into. My home is my sacred place and it is where I provide myself with the self-care I need to be able to care for others. I love art and music, so there are always a variety of art supplies and musical instruments. I have played the piano since I was 4 years old, but I’m currently loving the drums and crystal sound healing bowls. I’m literally obsessed right now and want them all haha! Anyone feel free to send some my way! I am currently putting together a wall of antique frames and creating a collection of rotating wall art that will be hanging inside them. I have this amazing brass horn that I placed a quartz crystal in the center that will be hanging above my bed until it sells on my website. I’m majorly into upcycling and find unique ways to reuse vintage items for a purpose in each space. This makes me feel connected to a story and as an Interior Designer I am always designing a story to be told.

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

Getting out in nature, meditation, music and dancing are my favorites! I love to find new adventures and traveling has been such an amazing way to de-stress and ground myself.

Breathwork helps so much. I also try to feel my emotions and follow them with a tapping sequence to help release the stored energy. I use scents and music to remind me of positive affirmations and again baths are the best! Gratitude is always a game changer as well. Writing down all I am grateful for puts everything back into perspective.


Creativity feeds my soul. I remember the first design class I took, which I had a huge project to create all by myself and that lit me up. I could work and work without even sleeping, just creating! I also love sharing with others. I love hosting events or even cooking for friends. I get so excited to show others how healthy and simple life can really be. I love seeing other people light up from something I taught them, fed them or created for them. I am happiest when I am following my path and trusting the universe. There is a fine line between being too organized for me and being spontaneous. I need both. I like to be organized, but I crave adventure. Helping others gives me purpose. There isn’t anything better than seeing others heal and believe in themselves.

Right now I am excited about everything I have been creating for Cure Designs and all I am offering out into the world. I am excited about a summer filled with transformational festivals, travels to Costa Rica, networking, sharing and creating workshops, retreats and courses. I have an upcoming E-Course called 21-Day Life and Home Detox. It is a sort of internal and external Spring Cleaning guide with lots of goodies for you: DIY recipes for your home, organizing tips, energy clearing, interior design, videos and homework assignments to help you transform each space one at a time into healing healthy spaces. You can learn more at by following me on Instagram and Facebook, and you can subscribe to receive updates on curedesigns.com!