I am not a morning person. Never have been. It's not that I'm cranky or that I even particularly dislike mornings; it's just that I take a very, very, very long time to get moving. I will often set my alarm for about 20 minutes before I actually need to get out of bed so that I can juts lie there and let my senses slowly wake up. When I finally do make it onto my feet, nourishment is an absolute necessity before there can be any sort of productivity, and lately, that’s been coming in the form of rich, warm tonics.

Making a healing tonic first thing in the morning has become one of my favorite rituals because the process is gently meditative and allows me to play and get my creative juices flowing as I start my day. I change up the ingredients fairly often, but one of my favorite creations lately has been a creamy hot cocoa made with coconut milk, raw cacao, and a bunch of potently healing superfoods, including reishi (it’s a virtual panacea and supports everything from liver regeneration to neurological health) and adaptogens like astragalus and maca root to support the body’s ability to combat stress and disease. With the addition of a little cinnamon, vanilla, and honey, it makes for a delicious way to savor those sleepy morning moments.


Healing Hot Cacao Tonic  



Steam coconut milk or heat very gently on stove, stirring constantly and then stir in honey until dissolved. Add coconut milk to blender with all other ingredients and blend until well combined and frothy. Pour into your favorite cup, top off with hot water, and enjoy!