Ashly Rose Wolf is a Women’s Health and Sensuality Coach who helps women reprogram their relationship with their bodies so they can live healthy, sexy, beautiful lives. 

Using cycle syncing, sensuality practices, holistic nutrition and an ancient yogic science called Tantra, Ashly helps women activate their sensual and cyclical wisdom to unlock their full feminine potential.

When she’s not leading the sensual revolution with Femme Rising, you can find her doing sensual yoga, playing outside with her little adventure dog, Zuri Girl, soaking up Vitamin Sea and always, always, always stopping to smell the roses!   


My schedule is determined by my menstrual cycle, so my routine shifts depending on what’s going on for my body. A typical night of sleep gives me anywhere from 8-11 hours (I need a lot of sleep, and even more when my body is preparing to bleed!) … but I do have 3 constants in my morning routine:

  • I am not a morning person, so the first constant is giving myself the time and permission to wake up slowly, which means no alarms and usually happens around 8am.  As soon as I wake up, my insanely adorable dog, Zuri Girl, comes up from the foot of the bed and we cuddle until I’m ready to get up.
  • Once I’m up, the second constant is music.  Lately it’s been a beautiful Kundalini chant, So Purkh, that I just listen to on repeat (it’s really long and I don’t know the words yet, but I’m getting there)!  
  • Then, the third is time for the sacred.  I need to feel connected, supported, and guided throughout the day, so sometimes time for the sacred means journaling, sometimes it’s reading, sometimes it’s meditating, sometimes it’s walking, sometimes it’s pulling cards from my favorite decks (the Rumi deck by Alana Fairchild and The Starchild Tarot are my favs).  There’s no rhyme or reason, I just tune in every morning and do what feels right.   

After moving through my morning routine, I usually start work around 10am and work for 4 hours before taking a break to play, relax, or take Zuri Girl out for an adventure.   


My diet is pretty simple.  I’m a Type O with a sensitive digestive tract, which means I need red meat before I get my period, but other than that, I’m gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free and my preferences are organic and vegetarian based with lots of veggies, avocados, and brown rice. Breakfast: I always have a chocolate Usana shake, made with purified water, ice, coconut oil, and ½ a banana or ¼ cup 365 brand frozen blueberries … I know it might sound crazy … but there is something *special* about those blueberries! Other frozen blueberries just aren’t the same! Lunch: I love to toast gluten-free boule bread in my cast iron skillet and drizzle evoo over it before adding smashed avocado and sliced tomato, topped with a bit more evoo and sea salt. I’ll usually add a side salad with fresh greens and whatever fresh veggies I have on hand. Salad dressing is usually homemade or simply lemon juice and more evoo on top. Snacks: I’m a total sucker for Usana!  I love my shakes so much!  So I usually have another chocolate shake as my afternoon snack :) Dinner: My boyfriend has a culinary arts background, so I usually leave the dinner up to him! It ranges in international fare, but it’s always delish and nutritish with very fresh and simple ingredients! Drink: I can’t drink coffee, so it’s tea all day err’day for me! Iced tea, hot tea, homemade kombucha … but if I need a pick me up I’ll reach for a sugar free sparkling water that has guarana extract in it. Splurge: I bake a gluten-free goodies once or twice a month, so whatever comes out of the oven that week is usually my splurge … right now I’m really loving the Chinese 5 Spice Muffins from Gwenyth Paltrow’s cookbook, It’s All Good … and if I feel extra splurgey, I’ll add some Organic Madagascar Vanilla frosting … oooh they are sooo good! Supplements: I take a range of herbs daily from Nature Sunshine. 


Again, this totally depends on my cycle and I find it really hard to do anything that feels like an obligation - so when it comes to moving my body, it has to FEEL GOOD!

When I’m in my PreOvulation or Ovulation Phases, I love to ride my bike, go for hikes, long walks in the park, SUP and do yoga outside as much as I can until winter hits, when snowboarding becomes my main form of activity.

When I’m in my PreMenstrual or Menstrual Phases, my body likes sensuality and fluidity, so I usually do a combination of sensual stretching / yoga / dance movement that gets me into my body while activating my core and glute strength.


I value quality time, vulnerability, open mindedness, and fun. I’m an extremely independent introvert and so that means I need a lot of quiet time and I’m selective about who I have in my life. What I value is truly being able to relate and evolve with those I love while feeling nourished by their presence.  

I love knowing and supporting who people really are and what they really need to thrive, so healthy relationships with others means giving the people in my life permission to be themselves - and vice versa.  So often people get bogged down in these serious lives with serious expectations and they forget to actually live.

Living, truly living through appreciating pleasure, adventure, honesty, health, quirkiness, consciousness, presence, support, intimacy, play and growing with and from one another are my key ingredients for thriving relationships.   


My home has a boho-chic-yogic vibe with tons of windows and natural light. I like a simple modern feel with pops of color, so I have lots of big crystals, plants, and meaningful art that pops against big white walls.  

I thrive on beauty, work from home and I’m really affected by my physical environment, so since buying my home last year, I’ve really curated it to be my sanctuary.  Over time, I’ve lovingly selected ethically sourced textiles and non toxic furniture that is rich in color and texture. 

I also spend a lot of time outside, so this summer I put a perennial garden in the back yard that has a little fountain and tons of native Colorado grasses, flowers, succulents and some magical trees.  

All these things feed me. I’m surrounded by natural light all day long and I can open my windows to backyard and hear the fountain bubbling ... and these simple things make moving through my day feel sacred, which only nourishes my work more deeply. 

Stress-Release and Centering Tools

Nature and movement are the keys to keeping me solid in myself.

Grounding for me almost always means getting out the logic of my left brain and getting into the feeling of my right brain. When I get stressed out it’s usually because I’m not nourished in a certain part of my life (I’m working too hard and not paying attention to my body, breath or pleasure) so I need to get back into my right brain - and I most often do this by moving my body and being in nature.

From there, when I feel good and present, I can get clarity on what I need to regain balance in my body or my life.   

I’m prone to anxiety and so I rely on breath-based meditations like Breath of Fire and the sensuality practices that I teach to discharge any anxious, doubtful or impatient energy. Also, getting my body moving outside and playing with Zuri Girl always helps :)


The beach is absolutely my happy place.  Something about the sea really nourishes my spirit and my connection to spirit.  

Things like feeling the wind on my skin, moving my body, having simple gratitude for my senses, the ability to move my body, to be able to feel and see and breathe my way through this life, to witness the beauty of fresh flowers, the power of the sun and the stars and to make way for magic in the mundane … these are my base needs for nourishment :)

Now, more than ever, I’m totally lit up by women and the women I have the opportunity to work with. 

Through the work I do, I get to witness the emergence of strength, confidence and radiance regularly with my clients … and when women are able to reconnect with and claim their truth, beauty and power by healing their “issues” (food issues, body image issues, cycle issues, self image issues) they emerge with such a palpable shift in presence ... it’s such an extraordinary thing to bear witness to. 

Being present with what it means to be a human and a woman brings me a sense of purpose.

 I really believe that women will save and heal the world, and knowing that I can help women do their inner work so that they can show up and share their magic with the world brings me an insane amount of gratitude and sense of meaning.  

The most powerful thing I practice I have to suggest is also what I teach - which is your body and your senses are the way IN.  Whatever you want to heal or experience in your body or your life, you’ve got to include your body on the journey.  

For this, sensual yoga is key.  When I am able to be in my body, move freely, experience joy, spontaneous expression, cultivate strength and fluidity that comes from my core I feel connected to and confident in myself.

From this place, I am able to continue to cultivate the ability to connect to myself more deeply, physically, emotionally, energetically, sensually - and when I can do that, I am able to trust my inner wisdom, live in alignment and show up as my truest and most meaningful expression. 

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