Sometimes we don't intend to start a revolution. It just happens organically as we push back against systems that don't serve us and that we can no longer stand to be a part of. When I began to put my own self-care before our cultural standard of "productivity at all costs", I did so because I felt like I had no choice. My body was suffering and in order to support its ability to heal, I had to be a little more gentle with it. But what happened along the way is that I noticed all the places where my communities were in desperate need of a shift, a movement in which wellness is the focus and the foundation upon which all of our achievements are built, and so, I decided to become a pioneer, leading by example, one simple, loving choice at a time. And what I've learned is that not only is self-care not weak, it may be one of the most powerful and revolutionary actions you can take. To read more about this, check out my latest feature on the Yellow Room (formerly The Yellow Conference Blog) on Why Self Care Isn't Weak.