I offer both Written Readings and Live Readings using a combination of Animal Medicine cards and Vision Quest Tarot cards to help you find guidance, support, and clarity.

Written Card Readings

If you would like to purchase a Written Card Reading you may do so by visiting the HelloAshleyBerry Etsy Shop or by clicking the links below!

Once you place your order, you will be given the option to send me a message letting me know what topic(s) you would like the reading to address and then you’ll receive your written report along with an image of your card reading sent directly to your email inbox!

3-Card Reading - $20

5-Card Reading - $35

9-Card Reading - $60

Live Card Readings

Live Card Readings take place by voice call or Zoom video conference and may be booked via my bookings page.

15-minute Live Card Reading - $30 (Voice/Video Call only)

30-minute Live Card Reading - $50 (Voice/Video Call only)

60-minute Live Card Reading - $75 (Remote or In-Person in Ojai)

Spirit Guidance Breathwork + Reading: 15-minute Breathwork Healing Session + 15-minute Intuitive Reading - (Video Call only - $50)

For group classes and workshops, be sure to check out my Events page!

If you would like to book me to offer card readings at your event, gathering, workshop, or retreat, you may contact me here!