Weekly Forecast - Monday August 20th

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Monday 8/20 - The first day of this new week is ushered in with the medicine of Horse, which is that of power, but not hollow power, true power. True power comes from wisdom, groundedness, clarity, and a deep connection to the center of peace that lives within us all. When you carry yourself with these qualities, you will call in wondrous opportunities to share your gifts with the world and find the fulfillment and joy that you’ve been craving.

Tuesday 8/21 - Horse is followed by Jaguar, another guide for how best to move through this life journey. Jaguar reminds us of the importance of integrity and ensuring that our actions are aligned with our values and principles. Are you walking your talk? If not, it’s time to do so. If you’re not sure or Jaguar’s presence makes you uneasy, it might be time to sit in stillness and go inward to reconnect with your inner compass for how you wish to show up in this world and then follow its guidance.

Wednesday 8/22 - Alligator floats into the picture on Wednesday encouraging us to take in everything that is going on around us before reacting. Notice what you see on the surface, but be sure to look deeper as well in order to truly understand all sides of a situation. There may be more than meets the eye at first glance. Take time to digest what you find, and only make a decision or take action once you feel certain that you’ve been able to see all sides.

Thursday 8/23 - When Bat shows up in the reversed position, it is a clear sign that you might be resisting the natural cycles of your life and stunting your own growth. Are you so afraid of the loss of who you have been that you are not allowing yourself to become who you are meant to be? Remember, your evolution is part of the greater evolution of humanity and impacts not just your life, but all life. Can you find the courage to let go of what is known and familiar to step into your destiny?

Friday 8/24 - If you’re still struggling with getting Bat turned right side up, you may be in need of some assistance and the medicine of Black Panther shows up just in time this Friday. Black Panther reminds us to embrace the unknown. This is the medicine of courage, trust, and surrender and each of us needs these gifts at some point in our lives. What do you need to do today to release your desire to control or know the outcome? How can you connect with a sense of faith, both in yourself and in the Universe?

Saturday 8/25 - On Saturday, Elk comes trotting into the cards to remind us of the importance of pace, and in particular, of not moving through life at such a fast clip that we wear ourselves out. The secret to stamina and achieving goals is a moderate but steady pace in which you are consistently moving towards where you wish to be. Take time today to check in with your energy levels and if you are feeling depleted or run down, figure out what you need to adjust in order to stay in the game for the long haul.

Sunday 8/19 - On Sunday we are graced with the medicine of Whale, which sings to us and encourages us to find and share our own unique voice. Do you have a message to share that you’ve been keeping to yourself? Have you felt a block around speaking your truth? Don’t underestimate the power of sound frequencies. Vocalization can be incredibly healing whether that is through song, toning, or simply saying something that has been trapped in your throat.



Weekly Forecast - Monday August 13th

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Monday 8/13 - At the beginning of this new week, we are graced with the medicine of Dragonfly, which is all about illusions and changing form. Where in your life have you been putting up a facade instead of sharing your truest self? Are you feeling called to make shifts that allow you to be more authentic, more integrated, and more deeply connected to your inner wisdom and that of nature? These are the questions to ask yourself today.

Tuesday 8/14 - Squirrel medicine is that of gathering and preparedness, but when Squirrel shows up in reverse, it’s usually a sign that this energy has become extreme, often in the form of hoarding or scarcity-oriented thinking. It could also mean that you’ve lost focus and have become erratic. Take time today to ground your energy through stillness practices or time communing with nature, ideally barefoot. Take stock of all the abundance that is already present in your life and plant seeds for things you’d like to see manifest in the season ahead.

Wednesday 8/15 - Deer in the reversed position indicates that fear may be running the show, causing you to project negativity onto others or close yourself off completely. Deer reminds us to always return to Love so that fear may fall away. This may mean to be more compassionate with yourself as you explore fears that you’ve held inside or it may mean to connect more deeply with a universal sense of Love in order to navigate circumstances that trigger worry or a desire to control.

Thursday 8/16 - Beaver is the ultimate builder of the animal kingdom but when he shows up in reverse it can often be a sign that struggles with productivity and motivation are coming up. Get to the root of the issue. Are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, break down a large project into smaller tasks and create a list of what needs to happen first so you can begin to move through what you need to accomplish. If you’re still feeling resistance, it might be time to assess whether or not your heart is truly in your work, and if it isn’t, how you can either reignite your passion or begin carving out a new path for yourself.

Friday 8/17 - Turkey turning up in the reversed position echoes Tuesday’s message from Squirrel and asks us to examine our fears of lack. If you’ve been acting miserly with yourself or with others, it’s time to loosen your grip and remember that you can’t receive with a closed fist. Even if you don’t have material abundance to share, you can always be generous of spirit.

Saturday 8/18 - When Wolf trots into a spread in the reversed position, it is telling us that it is time to open our hearts and minds to receive new teachings and wisdom. These can come from sage friends, family, and community members, but also from new experiences that take us out of our comfort zone. Allow your perspective to be expanded by approaching life with a sense of curiosity and awe today.

Sunday 8/19 - Otter represents the medicine of femininity. She calls for all of us, no matter how you identify, to dive into the waters of intuition, receptivity, empathy, patience, creativity, and heart-centered connection. Take time today to cultivate these qualities in yourself and to celebrate them in others. Nature is always striving to find a balance of energies and in our fast-paced, masculine-driven world, it’s important to consciously make space for the beauty and unique wisdom of the feminine as well.



Weekly Forecast - Monday August 6th

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Monday 8/6 - This week is starting off with Alligator medicine, and in the reversed position, this is an indicator that you’ll want to look below the surface of circumstances, words, and feelings today. Before making any decisions, tune into your intuition. Ask yourself what you might be missing at first glance. Consider the long term impacts of your choices. Taking time to integrate the wisdom you’ve gathered across your years with the insights you can draw from your present experience will be your best bet today no matter what comes your way.

Tuesday 8/7 - When Dog shows up in the reversed position, it is usually a sign that it is time to ask yourself where in your life have you been disloyal, particularly to yourself. When we live in ways that are not aligned with our truth, we build up insecurities and resentments. To free yourself from these energies you must find the courage to show up authentically and this always begins with being honest and compassionate with yourself.

Wednesday 8/8 - Beautiful Hawk is the messenger of the animal world and any time he shows up in the cards it’s definitely time to keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to receive guidance from Spirit. Messages can show up in all forms, from the words of strangers to unusual occurrences and synchronicities to feeling as if you are hearing someone speak to you in quiet moments when you’re alone. Listen closely. The messages may not make logical sense at first, but over time, their guidance will become clear.

Thursday 8/9 - The medicine of Armadillo is its strong, armor-like shell that protects it in times of danger, but all medicines can be abused and Armadillo in reverse signals a time to soften your defenses and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Remember, when you block out hurt and pain, you also block out love and pleasure. Healthy boundaries that are neither to soft nor too rigid will allow you to connect with yourself and others more deeply and find that balance between softness and strength.

Friday 8/10 - Bear reversed indicates that some time spent alone, reflecting on your own desires and goals is called for now. While it can be beneficial to seek the input of others occasionally, you are ultimately the only one who knows what is right and true for you. Take time to connect with your own inner knowing and honor its wisdom today.

Saturday 8/11 - Blue Heron follows Bear to encourage you to continue on the path of self reflection. It is through honest examination of our own essence and ways that we discover our true strengths, weaknesses, and destiny. The more intimately you know yourself, the more you will be able to show up in the world with a balanced and grounded sense of confidence that serve as a beacon for all of the opportunities that are meant especially for you.

Sunday 8/12 - Wild Boar is helping us close this week on a powerful note and encourages us to confront life head on! No more procrastinating or beating around the bush. No more hiding from your true feelings or sweeping them under the rug for the sake of others. Being open and direct can be one of the quickest ways to cut through drama and clear out any confusion. Be bold and face your fears so that you can move into the new week ahead free from nagging worries or doubt.




Weekly Forecast - Monday July 30th

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Monday 7/30 - Wild Boar is all about radical honesty and confronting the truth with wide open eyes. This may mean looking your own demons in the eyes and calling them by name or it could also indicate that it’s time to speak your truth to someone in your life. If there’s something that needs to be said, but the other party is not available for a heartfelt discussion, either physically or emotionally, perhaps write a letter airing all of the thoughts and feelings that you have been holding and burn it to release the energy.

Tuesday 7/31 - When Raven swoops into your cards there’s bound to be magic afoot. You may notice patterns of synchronicity presenting themselves today or find that your intuitive abilities or state of consciousness is heightened today. This is an especially good day for intention setting, energy work, or taking extra time to connect deeply with Spirit.

Wednesday 8/1 - Jaguar Reversed indicates that it might be time to take a little inventory of how your actions are aligning with your values. Are there places where your integrity has been compromised? In the work you do? In how you’re showing up in relationships? In how you treat yourself? If so, acknowledge the issue, offer yourself some compassion and forgiveness, and do your best to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into true alignment.

Thursday 8/2 - Squirrel Medicine is all about gathering, preparation, and planning ahead. What can you do now to make your life a little easier for the upcoming weeks ahead. This could mean saving your energy or resources up in anticipation of a period of high output or doing a little bit of cleaning and streamlining in your inner and outer spaces so that you can meet life and any shifts that are headed your way with groundedness and clarity. Either way, a little work to prepare yourself for what’s ahead can go a long way today!

Friday 8/3 - While Raccoon may look like a little bandit, it happens to have a very strong natural tendency to be a protector and a provider for others, particularly for those who may be less fortunate. Are there people in your life who may need a little support? How might you be able to tap into your own sense of generosity? Are there places in your life where your cup is overflowing and you have the ability to share? These are the questions to ask yourself today.

Saturday 8/4 - It is certainly always interesting to see Turkey Reversed follow Raccoon as the turkey is all about generosity and the idea of “give away” and when it shows up in the reversed position, it usually means that there is some challenge around scarcity mindset and an inability to trust that there is enough for all. If you notice these feelings coming up today, ask yourself where the story is coming from. If you need support shifting this mindset, spending time in a gratitude practice can be a very powerful way to connect with the abundance in your own life.

Sunday 8/5 - Moose medicine is in order on this day which means it’s time to acknowledge your recent successes and allow yourself to be filled up with the joy and pride of your own accomplishments. In our achievement oriented society, it’s so easy to complete one thing and be on to the next before we’ve even had a chance to celebrate the milestone. But taking stock of where we’ve come and what we’ve learned along the way helps hone our wisdom as well as our sense of self worth, so today, take some time to love yourself up for all that you do.



On Doing the Work, "Being a Good Ancestor", and the Gift of Layla Saad's 28-Day Challenge

If you asked me 10 years ago where I stood politically, I would have said that I preferred to stay out of politics. I would have told you that paying attention to the news was depressing and made some cynical statement about how nothing ever really changes anyway and left it at that.

I’m not sure I could pinpoint the exact moment that things shifted for me, but I certainly know that my sense of urgency around involving myself in social issues was massively heightened during the US presidential campaign of 2016, when I was confronted with more open bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, and other painfully hateful world views than I could have ever allowed myself to believe existed in our country than before. If there is any gift that has and will come out of this very dark period in our country’s history, it is that we are finally having the opportunity to see the truth of who we are and make conscious decisions about what we wish to do about that.

Over the past few years, I have felt compelled to seek out more education around social issues and to find ways to become more engaged around these issues. I’ll be honest and say that this process, even as minimally as I’ve stepped into it, is overwhelming. The problems feel so big and so numerous and the impulse to simply throw my hands up and walk away is real. But you can’t unknow things. And I’ve found myself being increasingly tailed by a shadow of guilt and shame that I know won’t be dissolved through intentional ignorance.

I won’t pretend that I’ve become an avid activist in the past few years. There are people out there doing big work, standing on the front lines, raising their voices and leaping into action in the name of shaping our world into a better place for all. These people are our modern day heroes and I admire them from the depths of my soul. They inspire me daily to become more engaged, to find my voice and the ways in which I can impact positive change. They inspire me to stay with the discomfort and do the work.

What “doing the work” looks like is going to be different for everyone based on who you are, what resources you have, and what unique gifts you bring to the table. For me, as a white woman from a privileged background whose career focuses on wellness and healing, the work right now is about educating myself and sharing what I learn with my circle of influence. It means listening and learning from people who are more deeply rooted in the work than I am and then putting my support behind their efforts. And it means taking a deep and honest inventory of the ways in which I contribute, intentionally or not, to the issues we are facing as a global community.

With the current political climate of the US, it is all but impossible to not see the deep sickness that runs through our society in the form of racism. While I have a rudimentary understanding of institutionalized racism throughout the world, and in particular in the US, there is so very much more for me to learn about the nuances of how this cancer impacts our nation and individuals on a daily basis and one of the voices that has been most helpful for me in my process of inquiry is that of Layla Saad, also known as @wildmysticwoman over on Instagram. Layla is a writer, speaker, and poet whose work focuses on spirituality, race, feminism, and leadership and the dynamics between these cultural phenomena. She is a strong, compassionate, and incredibly gifted leader, and if you’re interested in finding a space to begin to dig into your own relationship with these topics, I highly recommend checking out her work, which you can access from her Instagram profile, linked above.

Layla recently opened up an offering on her Instagram feed in the form of a 28-Day Challenge titled #MeAndWhiteSupremacy. You can  read more about the challenge and what it entails here, but it is essentially a free opportunity for anyone who benefits from White Privilege to examine and explore their relationship with White Supremacy and ultimately to grow, heal themselves, and heal our world as well.

It would be an understatement to say that this challenge was triggering for me from the first moment it showed up in my feed.

The very term “White Supremacy” makes my skin crawl. It brings up such a sense of shame that I don’t want to utter or write the words. But, as someone who has spent years doing deep personal healing work and exploring my own shadow, I know two things: 1) If you are being triggered, then you are coming in contact with something that is in need of healing. And 2) We cannot heal something if we can’t even name it or look at it head on.

My first instinct was to choose to do the challenge on my own, in a journal, instead of sharing my responses on her feed. The idea of having this conversation in a public forum truly terrified me (and still does, to be honest). I’m scared of saying the wrong thing or not doing it right. I’m scared of unintentionally causing pain or anger in others as a result of my own ignorance. I’m afraid of my own shame and the grief that comes with being confronted by ugly truths. I’m worried about how my own engagement will be perceived by those around me, especially in my professional and spiritual communities, where everyone can get down with “Love and Light”, but few really want to dig into the stickiness of Shadow.

For all of these reasons, it is deeply uncomfortable for me to speak about race as an issue (Layla actually addresses this very phenomenon of “White Silence” in today’s challenge prompt), but if I am going to choose to step into the work that I know is absolutely necessary for the healing of our society, then I am going to have to pay the price of my own discomfort. And weighed against the absolute atrocities that so many have experienced and continue to experience under institutionalized forms of oppression, I’d say that it’s a pretty nominal fee.

So here I am. Naming it. Committing to do the work, to go deeper and deeper as I uncover new layers, and to share it, as openly as I can, so that I can be what Layla refers to as a “good ancestor”, contributing in the ways that I can to a better world for all of us and our future generations. If you feel like you might be ready to step into this work as well, I would be honored to have you join me. Let’s have the conversations that matter. Let’s do more than just hope for change. Let’s be the ones to create it. Even if we do it imperfectly. We have to start somewhere, so let’s begin right here, right now.

**I would also like to make a note about the gift that Layla is offering through this challenge. The work she is sharing is deep work. She is creating an incredibly powerful container for growth and self-discovery and she has stated that she is doing this for free because she feels called to. She is setting aside time and energy to create and share an offering with the potential to create massive healing and, in the process, is no doubt navigating deep inner processes to be able to gracefully and compassionately hold a container for collective shadow work around an issue that impacts her in such a personal way. Yes, this work is confronting for me as a  white woman. Yes, it is challenging to show up for it. And yes, I am incredibly grateful to Layla for creating a space for me to look in the mirror in order to develop deeper awareness of how I show up and where I have room to grow and become more of the type of person I want to be. While Layla is offering this work for free, her work is absolutely worthy of financial compensation (and substantial compensation, at that--if you’ve ever worked with a coach, you know that this type of work is not cheap), so if you choose to participate in this challenge or follow her free offerings and feel that you have benefitted from them, please feel free to support her work through by making a donation to her Paypal or by purchasing a subscription to her Patreon account. It’s just one more way that we can put our money/actions/energy, where our mouths are and support the people who are on the front lines of the movement to create true, positive social change.



We Are Not the Helpless Ones

I’ve been thinking about bringing my blog back for a while. Sometimes I want to share more than I can fit into the little text windows that Instagram offers, this is one of those times, and I can’t think of a better reason to get back into writing more extensively...